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2012 Mercedes Benz C-class coupe photos leaked

By Rigval on 15 Jan 2011

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The internet is a great way to send and receive information. Unfortunately for car manufacturers who want to keep their new car details a secret the internet is a pain. The latest victim is the new 2012 Mercedes Benz C-Class coupe, where photos of this new model has been leaked prior to its official launch at the upcoming 2011 Geneva Motor Show. The internet viral marketing network strikes again!

The 2012 C-class coupe will take its place as the entry level Mercedes Benz coupe. If you aren't aware, the CLK series was replaced by the E-class coupe and a gap has appeared in the Mercedes Benz line-up. Hence the C-class coupe.

The car is basically the C-class front end and a coupe rear. Everything from the A pillar/dashboard rearwards is new. However the design isn't as slick as the E-class coupe or like the CLK series of cars due to the fact that the car does not have the pillerless or no B-pillar look of the E-class and even the CLK-class. I suppose being the 'entry level' coupe, Mercedes did not want to make things too complicated by spending more time designing wind-proof door sills or spend too much on high tensile steel (in order to make the structure stiffer even without a B-pillar).

It looks like a tasteful little coupe, much like the last generation CLK. From the looks of things the new C-class coupe will sell. Entry level cars ensure new customers the the marque and being a Mercedes Benz, there are many who aspire to own one (especially the 'towkays' in our region).

No details about engine choices as yet but expect the usual 1.8liter turbocharged 4 cylinder and a range of petrol and diesel engines that should end with the new 5.5liter twin turbocharged v8 in the stomping AMG version.

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Written by Rigval
Born in 1972. Married with a kid. Loves B-road drives and have driven cars from the 1950s to date.

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Xspace Jan 16 2011 07:37 PM
Looks good this time round....
Pixel18 Jan 18 2011 03:03 PM
Long overdue...the concept car that appeared earlier in an issue of What Car? actually had a single bar grille which looks much sportier than this which resembles the present C-class. The interior looks refreshingly E-class.
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