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Clearing the air on tailpipe emissions

Attached Image The Government announced a number of measures last week to tighten vehicular emission regulations. The new Vehicular Emissions Scheme, for instance, spells out limits on tailpipe pollutants such as nitrogen oxides and particulate matter. Stricter vehicle inspection standards will also be rolled out. Why is Singapore adopting these measures, and what implications will there be for consumers and the industry? Senior Transport Correspondent Christopher Tan presents a Q&A to address these questions, and more.


Thieves in Malaysia love Toyotas most

By Faiming_low on 27 Feb 2017 in Advice

Attached Image The General Insurance Association of Malaysia (PIAM) recently revealed thieves in Malaysia love Toyotas most, with the Toyota Hilux and Vellfire leading the chart in terms of theft frequency. Mitsubishi's Pajero splits the the pair to complete the top three position, according to Paultan.org.


Should the Govt encourage electric cars?

By Faiming_low on 06 Dec 2016 in Advice

Attached Image Before we start asking what the Government can do to encourage the use of electric vehicles (EVs), we should ask if it should.


9 cool car gadgets/accessories you can buy online

By Deeq on 26 Nov 2016 in Advice, Other blogs

Love adding new accessories to your ride? Or driving an old car with almost no modern features in it? Looking for an affordable Christmas present for your "Car guy" friend? Fret not, we've got you covered, here are 9 cool gadgets and accessories you can buy online for a fraction of the cost to make your driving experience a lot better.

1. Bluetooth audio connectorAttached Image This device enables you to connect to any audio system via Bluetooth. All you need is an
10 car gadgets, car accesories and 2 more...


Understanding Singapore's COE system

By Deeq on 10 Nov 2016 in Advice, Singapore car news

Attached Image
Certificates of Entitlement (COEs) give Singaporeans the right to own a vehicle. COEs are integral to the Vehicle Quota System (VQS), a landmark scheme implemented to regulate the growth of vehicle population in Singapore which, due to land space, is unsurprisingly among the densest in the world.

The VQS determines the exact number of vehicles allowed on the road. Other measures to curb vehicle growth like raising taxes and fees do not have the advantage of knowing the exact increase needed to get a desired level. Under the VQS, vehicle growth could be pegged at 3% every year with the expansion of roads and highways taken into consideration. The VQS was implemented in 1 May 1990 and the first bidding under the system started on 2 April 1990. Public buses, school buses and emergency vehicles are exempted from this scheme.
coe, vqs, singapore roads and 1 more...


E-bikes are everywhere

By Faiming_low on 07 Nov 2016 in Advice, Safety

Attached Image A horrific accident involving a trailer and three electric bicycles last month - which killed two riders and injured the third - has put e-bikes in the spotlight once again.


Oil change scams, sounds familiar?

By Deeq on 10 Jun 2016 in Advice, Other blogs

Have you ever visited a workshop just for a normal service or oil change, and ended up spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars? Can you trust someone else to take care of your car?

These guys went undercover to investigate, and revealed being ripped off at a popular oil-change chain. They...
servicing, workshop, oil change


The Vehicle Entry Permit system for foreign vehicles entering Malaysia starts

By Faiming_low on 01 Jun 2016 in Advice, Other News

Attached Image The Vehicle Entry Permit (VEP) system for foreign vehicles entering Malaysia via the causeway from Singapore has begun operating and ends on 15th July 2016. Starting from today, the system is undergoing its trial run and will be handled by the Road Transport Department (JPJ) to ensure the VEP system runs smoothly, according to Paultan.org.


Caltex and MCF Giveaway

Attached Image

100 MyCarForum (MCF) Premium Members drove down to the Caltex Singapore's service station at 130 Dunearn Road on the 16th of January to collect their complimentary bottle of Techron Concentrate Plus (TCP).
caltex, caltex singapore and 6 more...


Tyre blowouts at speed ain't no fun

By Faiming_low on 26 Oct 2015 in Advice, Safety, Videos

Attached Image Ever wonder how does a tyre blowout look like? We have the answer here for you and after watching it, chances are you will want to swap the old tyres on your car for some new ones.
tyre, mustang, ford


vCashCard offers a hassle-free driving experience

Attached Image
NETS and LTA (The Land Transport Authority) have officially launched vCashCard, a virtual wallet that enables customers to pay for ERP (Electronic Road Pricing) charges. Motorists need not fret if they have forgotten to insert a CashCard when they pass an operational gantry as the full amount will be deducted from their debit/credit cards or via their bank accounts.
vcashcard, virtual cashcard and 8 more...


New rules for mobile device usage while driving kicks in soon

By Faiming_low on 28 Jan 2015 in Advice, Singapore car news

Attached Image Come 1st of February, it will be illegal for drivers to hold any type of mobile device while driving, reported The Straits Times. Previously, only calling or texting someone on a mobile phone was barred.
phone, driving and 8 more...


Taxi apps: Boon or bane?

Attached Image
The way investors are falling over themselves to put hundreds of millions into taxi apps, you would think they had found a cure for cancer.
In just a little over three years, more than a dozen of these companies promising to find you a ride when you need one have sprouted across the globe, sucking billions in venture capital and grabbing headlines everywhere.
taxi apps, taxi apps singapore and 4 more...


Dealers have upper hand in vehicle-finance market with packages and freebies

Attached Image
Citibank's latest salvo in the car loans business might seem like a valiant attempt to rid the middlemen on behalf of the customer. But the drive could hit that proverbial wall, given the powerful influence that car dealers wield in the car loans market. In a week's time, the bank will offer in-principle approval for a car loan to customers, before they shop for a car. This deviates from the existing practice, under which car companies receive a commission from the bank in exchange for submitting a loan application on behalf of the car buyer.
citibank, auto loan and 2 more...


How a differential in your car works

By Faiming_low on 05 Oct 2014 in Advice

Attached Image Ever wonder why do cars need differentials and how do they actually work? Chevrolet explains to us the uses of it and how it works in this 1930's short film. Hint : fast forward to the two minute mark to get to the lesson straight.
differential, lsd, chevrolet and 2 more...


Ditch the surcharges, go for bookings, hey, try variable pricing

Attached Image
If someone were to ask me to sum up Singapore in one picture, I would show them the taxi rate chart. I feel there is no better symbol of the nation than that swirling soup of numbers. It captures the beautiful madness of the Singapore style of behaviour modification.
taxi, taxi booking service, cabs and 2 more...


Great day for school sports eclipsed by LTA-SMRT exchange

Attached Image
An image from the Schools National C Division rugby championship final between Anglo-Chinese School (Independent) and St Andrew's Secondary last Tuesday has been making the rounds online. It is of both teams coming together to say a prayer and shake hands after battling each other on the field - a nice touch by the arch-rivals.
This is the story that should come to mind when people talk about the first schools final at the new National Stadium. Instead, that historic event for school sports will now be remembered for the very public exchange of words between the Land Transport Authority (LTA) and public transport operator SMRT over the charter of MRT trains by ACS(I).
st opinion, train charter and 5 more...


Improving the lot of commuters, operators

Attached Image IT IS all too easy to deride the current bus operating model as a failure when we are presented with an all-new system that everyone - from investors to political commentators - is hailing as the best thing since sliced bread.
opinion, column, public transport and 4 more...


For change to work, LTA must understand bus operations better than operators do

Attached Image
The recent announcement that Singapore's public bus transport was going to be overhauled brought my mind back to the last time such a major change was attempted.
public bus system and 7 more...


Wake-up call for sleep-deprived drivers

Attached Image
IF YOU cause a fatal accident because you drive when you are sleep-deprived, you may be jailed for up to two years, or fined, or both.
straits times opinion, opinion and 4 more...

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