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Text from: Julian Kho | Photos from: Design Team | 8 November 2016
Always dreamt of becoming a motoring journalist? Well, here's your chance to prove yourself. sgCarMart is giving away a Microsoft Surface Pro 4 - 128Gb / Intel Core m3 ( worth $1,599 ) and many other exciting prizes to participants who can provide us with the best write-up on the participating cars of sgCarMart's Car of the Year 2016!
Text and Photos from PickJunction | 20 January 2017
Introducing PickJunction, a considered collective for the discerning. Established in 2015, PickJunction began as a directory service and offline community curating the best of local design and weekend events.
Text by Sabrina Lee | Photos from Botanium | 19 January 2017
Do you always manage to kill your basil or herbs despite your best efforts? Live your life as usual and let Botanium take care of the plants for you.
Text and Photos from Bentley Motors | 18 January 2017
Bentley and Breitling are introducing a striking new chronograph - the Breitling for Bentley Supersports B55 - to celebrate the launch of the new Continental Supersports, the fastest Continental ever made.
Text and Photos from Lexus International | 17 January 2017
Lexus revealed on 13th January, a new sport yacht concept that demonstrates how the luxury automotive brand could expand into the new areas of lifestyle and recreation.
Text and Photos from Rolls-Royce Motor Cars | 16 January 2017
From the inception of the marque 113 years ago, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars has stood alone in serving the world's wealthy and influential an exquisite blank canvas from which to express their tastes, lifestyles and passions.
Text and Photos from Ray-Ban | 14 January 2017
At the outset of a new year, expect to redraw your bucket list with the Ray Ban Chromance collection. See the world come alive in a bold new wave of colour.
Text by Sabrina Lee, Photos from Fellow | 13 January 2017
Say hello to the Stagg EKG, an electric pour-over kettle that has variable temperature control, optional Acaia Bluetooth app connectivity, and a stunning, minimalist design.
Text by Eunice Quek | Photos from The Westin Singapore | 12 January 2017
For the Year of the Rooster, some bakeries and restaurants have come up chicken-themed snacks and dishes like Hainanese chicken rice cookies by PrimaDeli, and The Westin Singapore's Steamed Sakura Chicken in Lotus Leaf.
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