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Text and Photos from LYNQ | 22 February 2017
Don't struggle with a mess of wires to charge your phone. Place your Qi wireless compatible device on LYNQ and watch it charge. The device's plethora of connections adds four extra ports while only taking one port on your computer.
Text by ZCOOP Singapore | Photo from Pexels | 20 February 2017
A lot of us are spoiled for choice and even lament about how we cannot seem to connect with the guys we meet on dating apps. Ever thought that maybe you are on the wrong app? Here is a quick guide to selecting the right dating app for you.
Text and Photos from Senstone | 16 February 2017
Senstone is a new way to create notes - five times faster and much more convenient than any smartphone app. With Senstone, you no longer have to pull out your phone to take notes on the go.
Text and Photos from Sony Singapore | 14 February 2017
Sony has released a new lens for their popular line of E-mount interchangeable lens cameras, which includes one of their flagship G Master Series, the FE 100mm F2.8 STF GM OSS mid-telephoto prime lens, built to deliver breathtaking bokeh with a unique Smooth Transition Focus.
Text and Photos from Hyundai Motor | 13 February 2017
Hyundai Motor has shown its portable-mobility concept, the Ioniq Scooter, at the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. the lightweight, electrically-powered scooter is stored in the front door of the Ioniq Electric.
Text and Photos from Bentley Motors | 11 February 2017
Bentley Fragrances takes a step forward with a vibrant new scent, Bentley Momentum. Joining Bentley for Men and Bentley Infinite, the luxury automotive brand's third pillar matches an assertive, bracingly masculine fragrance with a sleek, modern presentation.
Text and Photos from Volvo Cars | 9 February 2017
New research by Volvo Cars reveals Brits to be some of the most adventurous people in Europe, so it decided to open a Swedish mountain retreat designed to reconnect people with outdoor activities, complete with a new Volvo V90 Cross Country.
Text and Photos from Straton Watch Co. | 7 February 2017
Straton Watch Co. is launching their latest addition to its array of 70s-inspired wrist wear: The Syncro, a culmination of two styles working in unity.
Text and Photos from Tex-lock | 6 February 2017
A German start-up offers an innovative textile-based bicycle lock called the Tex-lock. Using high-tech materials, Tex-lock combines flexibility and security with very low weight and a beautiful design.
Text and Photos from Omologato | 1 February 2017
Omologato Watches is proud to announce a new bespoke chronograph, the Maranello, which is dedicated to Ferrari, the world's most revered race team, and pays tribute to the euphoria of the 1961 season.