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Text by Benson Ang, Photo from Pexels | 4 January 2017
The blood-sucking parasites are found even in top hotels and on airplanes and can follow you home in your luggage. Here are some ways in which you can protect yourself and your family from these nasty parasites.
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Text and Photo from Ford Motor Company | 17 December 2016
Drink driving is now one of society's biggest taboos - but driving the morning after can be just as dangerous. With many people drinking more than usual over the festive period, it is a peak time for drivers to take a risk that could be fatal.
Text by Priyanka Elhence, Photo from Pexels | 12 December 2016
Got the urge to purge? Donate your items and do some good at the same time. Whether you're moving or spring cleaning for the new year, why not donate your old belongings to these five local causes?
Text by Sasha Gonzales, Photos from Pexels | 3 December 2016
For some of us, losing weight - and keeping it off - is an endless struggle. Even if we are careful about what we eat and exercise regularly, we find it near impossible to shed those last few kilos. Here are eight possible reasons why your weight stays put.
Text and Photos from The Finder | 30 November 2016
If your heels have been hurting, it's probably not just because you've been walking a lot. There's a fair chance you might have a physical disorder called Plantar Fasciitis. Read on to find out more.
Text by Andrea McKenna, Photo from Pexels | 17 November 2016
Travel might sound exciting to most people, except those who actually suffer from Hodophobia, or a fear of flying. If you are one of many who have significant anxiety about travel, consider these five useful tips to overcome travel anxiety.
Text by The Finder, Photo from Pexels | 15 November 2016
It's somewhat of a cliche: running is a physical catharsis to give you some therapeutic respite and clarity of mind. Tiring yourself out to energise yourself? It might seem counter-intuitive to non-runners, but all too understood by runners.
Text and Photos from The Finder | 11 November 2016
Breaking into your new pair of shoes can be a pain - literally. But it doesn't have to be. Here are some tips to make your new shoes as comfortable as old faithfuls in no time.
Text by The Finder, Photo from Pexels | 7 November 2016
Cupcakes, salted caramel tarts, perhaps a cheeky late night sweet treat... Who can resist? However, the pessimist is probably right: all good things come at a price.
Text by Nathalie Ricaud, Photo from Pexels | 5 November 2016
Trying to lose weight but not getting anywhere? The answer might well be to get organised. Yes, really. Just look beyond the shape of your body to the state of your affairs.
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