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Text by The Finder | Photos from Edmon Leong, Home & Decor Singapore and Jennings Laminate | 11 January 2017
What's in the house this year - botanical themes, minimalistic greens, and more. Home in on these interior decor trends to refresh your home for the New Year.
Text by Sabrina Lee, Photos from Maison Wasabi | 28 December 2016
Design geniuses of Maison Wasabi have just introduced a new piece to their line of minimalist style designer furniture and home accessories, the Kyotomoji Box, a stylish and functional storage box that can be used anywhere on a daily basis.
Text by Atika Lim, Photo from Pexels | 26 December 2016
Nothing is more frustrating in the digital world that a wonky Wi-Fi signal. Learn from these tried and true tips to solve your first world problem - but a problem nonetheless.
Text by The Finder, Photo from Pexels | 16 December 2016
There's nothing like the smell of pine in your home during Christmas season. Drop by any of these places to get a real Christmas tree for your home, and also have a fuss-free disposal after the festive period.
Text by Singapore Women's Weekly, Photo from Pexels | 6 December 2016
Your kitchen is a breeding ground for illness-causing bacteria like E. coli, and even fecal bacteria - ever more so than the bathroom, studies say. There are five of the dirtiest spots in your kitchen and how to clean them.
Text and Photos from Loftez | 12 November 2016
There are many styles that fit into the space of a typical BTO. It is always good to go for design styles that are of current trends yet can last for many years to come. Here are five stylish and trendy home designs that have been widely welcomed by BTO owners.
Article contributed by Loftez
Text by Loftez, Photos from Pexels and Loftez | 10 November 2016
Running out of space at home? Take a closer look. You may just have more space than you are aware of. From hidden built-in cabinets to open shelves, there are creative ways in which shelves can help you with storage.
Article contributed by Loftez
Text and Photos from The Straits Times | 9 November 2016
In the thick forests on the eastern part of Pulau Ubin is a charming vestige of old colonial history: a handsome Tudor-style building that served as a holiday home for a British official about 80 years ago.
Powered by:   The Straits Times
Text and Photo from Aston Martin | 27 October 2016
Aston Martin is collaborating with global property developer G and G Business Developments on a unique waterfront real estate project at the mouth of the Miami River.
Text and Photos from The Finder | 25 October 2016
Chaba Leelawadee's pieces are all made of 100 percent organic bamboo, grown by skilled and experienced artisans in a safe environment. Each product adheres to the high standards of the FDA and European equivalent.
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