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  • Simply answer these 3 simple questions to stand a chance to win.
    Contest period from 05 Jan 2017 to 31 Jan 2017.
  • Q1. Which of the following are the 3 most auspicious zodiac signs in 2017?
  • Hint: https://wayfengshui.com/2017zodiac-ranking/
  • Q2. The ancient Chinese believed that women with a curvaceous posterior brought prosperity to their husband. Likewise, in fengshui, is it true that cars with a prominent rear will bring good fortune to their owners?
  • Hint: https://wayfengshui.com/car-buying-advice/
  • Q3. Which of the following are the engravings on Way’s Golden Opportunity?
  • Hint: https://www.wayfengshui.com/lifestyle/product_detail.php?prod_id=455
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