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Text and Photos from Sony Singapore | 14 December 2016
Whether on the ground or in the air, having a pair of noise-cancelling headphones is the best way to block out the noise of life's hustle and bustle. Here are five situations where you wished you had a pair.

While we all enjoy life's hustle and bustle, there are times when we wish we could hide away in our own private sanctuary for some alone time, but that option is not always available to us and we continue to toll away, agitated and grumbling under our breaths.

In such situations, try blocking out the cacophony of noises by using a pair of noise-cancelling headphones such as Sony's MDR-1000X. Equipped with an optimised dual noise sensor technology, an upgraded filtering process, and a pair of newly developed ear pads, it ensures you will have the most comfortable and satisfying audio experience possible. This pair of noise-cancelling headphones will save the day in more ways than one, like a true hero. 

Here are five situations these headphones will come in handy.

The MDR-1000X comes with a sturdy travel case, and folds up for easy packing

1. When you're just trying to get some sleep on board the plan

Ever tried repaying your sleep debts while on the redeye, but the babies on board just cannot seem to stop crying? The MDR-1000X's noise cancellation capabilities will take care of this. Shutting out ambient noises and giving you the audio respite you deserve while you try to re-energise on a grueling 14-hour flight. It is also compact so it is perfect for the frequent traveler. Oh, and did we mention? The MDR-1000X has a staggering 20-hour battery life, so it can last you the entire flight.

2. When the gym's playlist is not up your alley

Staying motivated in the gym is tough, especially when some gyms just are not playing the songs for you to hit your groove. In these situations, we say, fret not, for the MDR-1000X has got your back. Firstly, it lets you take control of your workout playlist - so you can get those muscles pumped without having to be concerned that Idina Menzel's 'Let It Go' is blaring through the gym's sound system. Secondly, the headphones' wireless capabilities mean that your movements are not restricted, so feel free to go from superset to superset unencumbered. When hitting the weights, you want to be focused in all the ways you choose to be - not to the tune of an annoying playlist.

3. When you would like some peace and quiet at home

You come home from a hard day at work and have your bath ready with your favourite scented candles and book by your side, ready to unwind. You are bent on having that cathartic bubble bath and will stop at nothing to de-stress. To avoid a spike in rage levels from noisy neighbours or kids running along the corridor screaming, we recommend letting the MDR-1000X do its thing, taking you on that journey to audio isolation, so you can truly relax. Not forgetting the important people in your house - if your partner interrupts politely to ask you about dinner plans, you can switch to Quick Attention Mode, which allows you to have a conversation without taking them off. All you have to do is place your right palm on the outside of the headphone.

4. When your roommate snores way too loudly

We have all been there - stuck in a room with a roommate who cannot stop grunting in his/her sleep or stuck in Bangkok with that one friend who snores way too loudly, the MDR-1000X is the wingman you deserve. With its soft and comfortable ear pads, your ears are pampered as you try to get those couple of hours of beauty sleep.

5. When you are on your daily commute

We know how hard mornings can be, especially those crowded train rides to work. Having some time alone, equals a happier you. Well, you could use some time to yourself between the ears - the MDR-1000X will not let you down. These headphones adjust to the shape of your head to deliver the best audio quality possible. So if you are worried about an inconsiderate person pressing up on you, resulting in a shift of the position of your headphones, we suggest you stop worrying.

Can you relate to any of these situations? While the MDR-1000X is unable to solve all your earthly problems, its forward-thinking noise cancelling technology, along with its high-resolution audio sound quality, will make life a whole lot easier. And you know what they say - not all heroes wear capes.

Also available in black, the MDR-1000X retails at $599 and is available at all Sony Stores, Sony Centres and selected Sony authorised dealers.