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Text by Adelin Lydia, Photos from Loftez | 18 March 2017
Every house definitely needs cabinets for obvious storage purposes, and fitted cabinets not only blend in with your interior design, but also completely transform the look of your home by providing you with a lot of storage space.
1. Built-In TV Cabinet

A wall-hung TV cabinet gives the living room a seamless appearance. The cabinet looks just like a wall and yet provides plenty of storage space. Incorporating a design like this helps to keep all the wires and cables out of sight. The cut-outs in the cabinet serves as a small display area with small lights attached. Hence, customising your TV cabinet with lights and cut-outs helps to make it look more interesting and not plain. This kind of cabinet is nothing too fancy but ensures that the living room does not look too small.

A wall-hung TV cabinet gives the living room a seamless appearance and keeps wires out of the way
2. Built-in Kitchen Cabinet

Built-in kitchen cabinets are present in almost every house in Singapore. This could be possibly because the kitchens in HDB blocks are rather small and the home owners want to make the most out of the space available. They are usually designed with a lot of sliders, pan holders and drawers to provide as much storage space as possible.

The popular ones are those with built-in under-cabinet range hood and toaster oven. Some may hesitate in investing in kitchen cabinets as they fear that it will be ruined with frequent cooking. If you feel that way, don't worry. Installing an under-cabinet range hood in your cabinet helps to the prevent damage to the upper cabinets caused by cooking.

3. Built-in Wardrobe

Built-in wardrobes in your bedroom can be as big as you please. Since it is able to touch the ceiling and cover the whole of your bedroom wall, it provides you with plenty of space and also makes your room look much larger. Using sliding doors help to create a more sleek finish to your room compared to basic hinged doors. If you have adequate space, you can even place a television inside your wardrobe. This will not only save space but also reduce dust as it is going to be behind the doors most of the time.

4. Built-in Bookshelf

For those of you who love reading and have a huge collection of books, a built-in bookshelf is for you. Instead of purchasing a simple free-standing bookshelf, invest on a fitted one. Customising your bookshelf will give you the opportunity to design and allocate the size, shape and colour. Built-in bookshelves are great as they are much stronger and you don't have to worry about over-packing them as it is not going to fall.

5. Built-in Bathroom Cabinet

Built-in bathroom cabinets can hold all your toiletries together with the wash basin. The cabinet can be attached to the wash basin to save you a lot of space while also hiding the unsightly look of the drain pipe attached to it. You can also have a mirror door in your cabinet to save space. They can be incredibly versatile as you can choose from a range of materials and colours.

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