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Text and photos from The Straits Times | 21 April 2017
The travel website of U.S.A news outlet CNN has listed pandan cake as Singapore's national cake after naming it as one of the best 17 cakes in the world.
The humble pandan cake has made headlines recently, after being named one of the world's 17 best cakes by the travel website of U.S.A news outlet CNN. Perhaps more surprisingly, it was listed as Singapore's national cake, an accolade it shared with neighbour Malaysia.

Describing the cake as 'essentially a chiffon cake' infused with green-coloured juice from the pandanus palm, the article said, "The radioactive hue of this cake belies its natural woodsy flavour. When married to fluffy-yet-moist chiffon cake, it's a revelation." Local bakeries Pine Garden and Bengawan Solo also received a mention, with Pine Garden's version of the pandan cake praised as being one of the best.

Meanwhile, kueh lapis, which CNN identified as lapis legit, was named Indonesia's national cake. The popular red bean pancake dorayaki was named Japan's national cake, while Hong Kong's was 'mai lai go', the traditional Cantonese steamed brown sugar sponge cake served in dim sum restaurants. Other notable mentions included Turkey's baklava, victoria sponge from the U.K., tiramisu from Italy, pavlova from New Zealand and cheesecake from the U.S.A.