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Enhance your car handling and performance with Ksport coilover from $1,300 onwards

Premium suspension line-up for better performance. 12 months parts warranty.

All Models

BRA21RA BCBRCoilover for Honda Civic 01_1.png
BC (BR) Coilovers for Honda Civic Type R FD2R. Part Number (BR)A-21-RA.

A must have upgraded for all your ride. Come and get yours today!

Honda Civic

Gecko Performance Coilover G-Street Series => 24 level damping levelHigh ‧SAE9254 steel springs ‧Alu

"Gecko Racing" Coilover at the most affordable price from $1300 onwards

All Models

Tanabe coil over Pro Cr
Honda Vezel

Toyota Alphard

BC (V1) Coilovers for Honda EDIX. Part Number (V1) A-52-VM.
Honda Edix

BC Racing V1 Coilover_23360_1_crop.png
BC (V1) Coilovers for Mitsubishi. Part Number (V1) B-03-VS.
Mitsubishi All Models

V1C02VM BC V1 Coilovers for Toyota 01_3.png
BC (V1) Coilovers for Toyota Corolla Altis \'01-\'07 ZZE130/NZE121. Part Number (V1) C-02-VM.
Toyota Corolla

BC (V1) Coilovers for Toyota Vios. Part number (V1) C-08-VM.
Toyota Vios

BC (V1) Coilovers for Toyota Wish-Z. Part Number (V1) C-48-VM.
Toyota Wish

V1D17VS BC V1 Coilovers for Nissan 01_3.jpg
BC (V1) Coilovers for Nissan Fairlady 350Z. Part Number (V1) D-17-VS
Nissan Fairlady &
Nissan Skyline

BC (V1) Coilovers for Subaru. Part Number (V1) F-02-VS.
Subaru All Models

V1L12VN BCV1Coilovers for Suzuki Swift 01_1.jpg
BC (V1) Coilovers for Suzuki Swift \'11+ ZC32S/ZC72S. Part Number (V1) L-12-VN.
Suzuki Swift

BC (V1) Coilovers for Honda Odyssey. Part Number (V1) A-30-VT.
Honda Odyssey

BC (V1) Coilovers for Mitsubishi Colt Plus '07+ LTGF / Version-R. Part Number (V1) B-18-VM.
Mitsubishi Colt

BC (V1) Coilovers for Mitsubishi Lancer EX \'07+ CY2A/CY4A. Part Number (V1) B-19-VM.
Mitsubishi Lancer

V1C51VM BC V1 Coilovers for Toyota Wish 01_2.jpg
BC (V1) Coilovers for Toyota Wish. Part Number (V1) C-51-VM.
Toyota Wish

V1D10VM BC  V1 Coilovers for Nissan Cefiro 01_2.jpg
BC (V1) Coilovers for Nissan Cefiro. Part Number (V1) D-10-VM.
Nissan Cefiro

V1D21VM BC V1 Coilovers for Nissan Tiida 01_2.jpg
BC (V1) Coilovers for Nissan Tiida. Part Number (V1) D-21-VM.
Nissan All Models

V1D25VM BC V1 Coilovers for Nissan March 01_1.jpg
BC (V1) Coilovers for Nissan March. Part Number (V1) D-25-VM.
Nissan March

BC (V1) Coilovers for Subaru Exiga '10+ YA5. Part Number (V1) F-19-VM.
Subaru Exiga

V1H15VM BC V1 Coilovers for VW Scirocco 01_2.jpg
BC (V1) Coilovers for VW Scirocco \'09+. Part Number (V1) H-15-VM.
Volkswagen Scirocco

BC Racing V1 Coilover_60580_1_crop.png
BC (V1) Coilovers for BMW 5-Series E60 \'04-\'09. Part Number (V1) I-09-VM
BMW 520i 

V1L06VN BC V1 Coilovers for Suzuki Swift 01_1.jpg
BC (V1) Coilovers for Suzuki Swift. Part Number (V1) L-06-VN.
Suzuki Swift

V1M02VN BC V1 Coilovers for Hyundai Getz 01_1.jpg
BC (V1) Coilovers for Hyundai Getz. Part Number (V1) M-02-VN.
Hyundai Getz

V1M09VM BC V1 Coilovers for Hyundai i30 01_1.jpg
BC (V1) Coilovers for Hyundai i30. Part Number (V1) M-09-VM.
Hyundai All Models

V1N01VT BC V1 Coilovers for Mazda  6  03 01_1.png
BC (V1) Coilovers for Mazda 6 03+. Part Number (V1) N-01-VT.
Mazda 6

BC Racing V1 Coilover_33448_1_crop.png
BC (V1) Coilovers for Honda Accord \'03+ CL7/9. Part Number (V1) A-29-VS.
Honda Accord

V1C16VN BC  V1 Coilovers for Toyota Yaris 01_2.jpg
BC (V1) Coilovers for Toyota Yaris
Toyota Yaris

BC Racing V1 Coilover_5123_1_crop.png
BC (V1) Coilovers for Toyota MR2. Part Number (V1) C-18-VS.
Toyota MR2

V1C24VM BC V1 Coilovers for Toyota 01_3.jpg
BC (V1) Coilovers for Toyota. Part Number (V1) C-24-VM.
Toyota All Models

V1E03VS BC V1 Coilovers for Mazda  323 01_2.jpg
BC (V1) Coilovers for Mazda 323. Part Number (V1) E-03-VS.
Mazda 323

V1F08VM BC V1 Coilovers for Subaru 01_1.jpg
BC (V1) Coilovers for Subaru Impreza WRX '08+ GH8. Part Number (V1) F-08-VM.
Subaru Impreza

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