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Max Polish 365 Paint Protection
$299 - $499
Promo! Get Paint Protect 365 at your doorstep at only S$269 (retail price: $410)
Car Grooming
Suitable For All Models
Posted on: 12 Feb 2018 | Updated on: 12 Feb 2018

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Powerful paint protection just got easier for Singapore’s car lovers! Max Polish’s Paint Protect 365, as the name implies, provides 365 days worth of durability, delivering tenacious protection with for your beloved car’s paintwork. Even after a year’s worth of weekly washes*, it still beads water so you know it’s protecting!

Paint Protect 365’s pure synthetic chemistry applies are unlike traditional waxes and other lesser sealant. The unique formula does not haze but sets in 3-5 minutes… fully curing in 24 hours… to provide incredible water beading protection, wash, after wash, after wash!

*Based on 52 consecutive hand washes using a pH-balanced car shampoo.


For all the steps above, the retail value of the individual add-ons are S$410, but we are offering everything together at an unbeatable value of only S$299*!

*$299 applies for Paint Protect 365 for small and regular vehicles. Paint Protect 365 is $399 for medium vehicles and $499 for large vehicles.

Why you won’t be disappointed with Max Polish
Paint Protect 365 is Meguiar’s most advanced paint protection system and will easily last for one whole year with just 1 to 2 maintenance sessions*.

Max Polish will provide follow-up maintenance of Paint Protect 365 at highly discounted rates. For your next two Magnum Promos ordered within a 1 year ...

Visit our website www.maxpolish.com.sg to book online and view more available services!
E-mail: max@maxpolish.com.sg  Contact Number: 97920492 (Max)
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Office No. : 97920492
Opening Hours : 10am - 8pm (Mon - Sun)
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