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Meter Display Unit
Condition Excellent [5/5]
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Posted on: 13 Nov 2017 | Updated on: 13 Nov 2017

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  • Function - BZseed GPS navigation hud image reflector can reflect GPS hud image clearly in front of your eyesight
  • About hud - hud, namely head up display, is a method to display GPS navigation image on a reflector in front of your head
  • Composition - BZseed GPS navigation hud image reflector is made up of 3 parts
  • Safety and convenience- reflective panel is made of special organic material
  • Size - base size: 6.3''(length) x 3.7''(width) x 0.5''(thickness), screen size: 5.9'', suitable for iPhone, Samsung as well as most other smart phones

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Seller’s contact information has been removed as item has already been sold

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Market Spotlight

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