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Red H Badge
Item Information
$30 - $40
Brand New
Cosmetic Enhancement Items
Suitable For
Seller Info Yi Xuan e-Trading
Posted on: 13 Mar 2015 | Updated on: 28 Mar 2015

Ad Information

High quality Honda Red H badge.

Please measure your own car for the most suitable size.

Sizes available:
  • 123*100mm $35 per piece
  • 113*92mm $35 per piece
  • 98.4*79.7mm $30 per piece
  • 95.2*77.3mm $30 per piece Fits Civic FD Rear and City 2009 Rear
  • 92*75mm $30 per piece
  • 86.13*69.73mm $30 per piece
  • 79.4*65mm $30 per piece
  • 92*75mm $30 per piece Fits GE Fit/Jazz and Insight 2009
  • 100*90mm $35 per piece
  • 131*107mm $40 per piece
Steering emblem available at $20 per piece.
  • Type A - For GD Fit/Jazz, Airwave, Accord CL and CRV RD
  • Type B - For all other models
Price for ONE piece.

All price based on cash & carry.

We DO NOT provide installation. Please DIY or find your own installer.

Mail option available at buyer's cost.

Picture for illustration only.

Actual look and condition will be based on the actual item itself.

Please visit www.e-shoppinghouse.com for more of our products.

Please note that all purchases are strictly BY APPOINTMENT only.
We may not be able to entertain walk-in customers. We will not be responsible if you walk-in without appointment and we are unable to meet you.
We aim to provide products at a lower price (if possible) by lowering our operating overheads and stock holding cost.
Prices are not negotiable and are correct at the time of posting.
We reserve the right to amend the price based on the circumstances and the fina...

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Address : Blk 147 Bishan Street 11 (map)
Office No. : 91259516
Message : Send enquiry to merchant
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The Red H Badge is suitable for Honda All Models.

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Type:Brake Pad
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