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APi Racing Super 4 Pot Brake Kit
Condition Very good [4/5]
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Posted on: 20 Jan 2014 | Updated on: 29 Jan 2014

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API Super 4-pot BBK anoised blue calipers, 286mm cross-drill rotors (slight uneven wear, may need skimming), street temp pads and front stainless steel hoses used for 7mths, receipt from BMS Motorsports provided, warranty till end Feb 2014.

Selling @ $600, bought at $2550. Cash and carry @ jurong west.

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Seller’s contact information has been removed as item has already been sold

Items For Hyundai Elantra

This product is suitable for Hyundai Elantra.

Price:$280 - $650
Type:Brake Kit
Price:$300 - $1,600
Type:Complete Bodykit, Side Skirt
Type:Brake Pad
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