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What's So Special About These Cars


Posted by Carbon82 on 08 May 2017 - 03:21:51 AM

At every car show or new model introduction, auto manufacturers would always come out with a long list, stating the unique features of their cars, but many a times, these features might just be forgotten over time, or simply taken for granted. These features may be a real technology break through (e.g. engine, gearbox, safety, etc.), or mechanical / electrical (e.g. spoiler, door opening mechanism, head / tail light, etc.).


To kick start, anyone still can recall the following terminology?

- Twin Door

- Bi-Modal Trunk

- Waku Waku Gate


Sounds familiar? or are they aliens to you? or you think you know something about it?


Well these are fanciful names given to boot / trunk / tailgate that open in more than 1 way.



Twin Door by Skoda

When the 2nd generation Skoda Superb was unveiled in 2008, the car come with many wow factors. But the one that really standout, at least to me, is the dual opening boot lid. It feel just like a small magic show, to see the 4 door sedan opening up it boot in 2 fashion, one like a typical sedan, and the other like a sport back. And after owning one for close to 4.5 years, I can attest to the usefulness of this feature, that ever allowed me to fit in up to 4x 24 - 28" language at one go, and even transporting a 3ft fish tank with the rear seats in-place (not folded). 





Bi-Modal Trunk by BMW

Shortly after the Skoda Superb go on sales in early 2009, BMW follow suit with it own version of dual opening mechanism on the 5 series Gran Turismo Concept (which later debut as the love or hate it 5 GT), and give it the name Bi-Modal Trunk, which sound a little more sophisticated than the Czech brand. While it offer the same flexibility of a hatch back when opened in full (sport back mode), it offer much less practicality when opened in sedan mode, due to it limited access to the boot via the tiny yet wide opening boot lid.





Waku Waku Gate by Honda

The dual opening mechanism seems very much forgotten till 2015, when Honda introduce it on the new JDM Stepwagon, and somewhat take this concept to the next level, by allowing the tailgate to be used by passenger to access into the last row of the MPV!





All are welcome to post the unique features of your car(s), or what you have came across.


Up next, what are so special about these MPVs, Nissan Prairie, Toyota Raum and Toyota Isis? [rolleyes]  [rolleyes]




[Charity] KLEARKARBON 20 Tons Rice Project 2017


Posted by kobayashiGT on 22 May 2017 - 10:30:53 AM

Hello guys. . .  The time has come again. I am very glad and honoured that Klearkarbon has come to MCF for this charity event. I have personally taken part for this for the past 5 years. And I must say, I have seen lotsa kind hearted souls and all your humanity touched me. I would like to round up MCF members one more time and make this charity event a better one! 




KlearKarbon's 5th Annual Rice Charity Project is up again! This year, the target is to raise 20,000kg or 800 bags of rice to be distributed to 10 homes! Each bag of Jasmine Fragrant rice weighs 25kg and costs $25 nett! Your generous contribution is sought!




Car groups/clubs who are interested in helping distribute rice on National Day please feel free to choose from the distribution list below and let me know which home you guys want to deliver to! We are seeking a total of 100 vehicles to help distribute to:

1. Sunlove Home - 15 vehicles
2. Society for the Aged Sick - 15 vehicles
3. Jamiyah Nursing Home - 15 vehicles
4. Singapore Christian Home - 15 vehicles
5. Bethany Methodist Nursing Home - 14 vehicles
6. Ling Kwang Home - 10 vehicles
7. Man Fut Tong - 10 vehicles
8. Econ MediCare Centre (Buangkok) - 2 vehicles
9. Econ MediCare Centre (Yio Chu Kang) - 2 vehicles
10. SunnyVille Home @ Ama Keng Road - 2 vehicles

How can you help? Either by donating funds via Cash, Bank Transfer or PayLah, by helping to distribute or simply by sharing this post and tagging your friends! On our end, HARDKORE KLEAR has 8 tiers of pricing, we pledge the same number of bags for cars that come to Klear during this period! E.g. Tier 1 - 1 bag, Tier 2 - 2 bags so on and so forth.

Over the past 4 years, we have never failed to hit our target, but 20,000kg is a lot of rice! Let's do it! Thank you all for reading, your contribution and I look forward to another successful Rice Charity Project 2017 on National Day!





Autobahn Motors Building is damn cool!


Posted by Eyke on 08 May 2017 - 01:37:06 AM






COE Bidding – 1st Round of May 2017


Posted by Carbon82 on 06 May 2017 - 04:22:14 AM







The details of the May 2017 first open bidding exercise for Certificates of Entitlement (COEs) are as follows:


Tender opens: Monday, 8 May 2017, 12 noon

Tender closes: Wednesday, 11 May 2017, 4.00 pm

Tender results: Wednesday, 11 May 2017 (Available on the www.onemotoring.com.sg website)


The total quota available for this tender is 5,293 for the following vehicle categories:



Category A: Cars (up to 1600cc & 97kW (130bhp)) => 1,905

Category B: Cars (above 1600cc or 97kW (130bhp)) => 1,320

Category D: Motorcycles => 455



Category C: Goods Vehicles and Buses => 1,084

Category E: Open Category => 529



As compared to the last bidding exercise,


Cat A => -147 (-7.16%)

Cat B => -49 (-3.58%)

Cat C => +921 (+565%)

Cat D => +108 (+31.12%)

Cat E => +47 (+9.75%)


Overall, there 149 (3.82%) lesser COE available for passenger car (across cat A, B & E) this round vs. the 2nd round in April, which is almost negligible as compared to the >500% increase in COE quota for bus & commercial category. As seen in the past, there shall be a small group of buyers that might jump ship to cat C, and dealers shall see an increase in demand for small vans, and the return of Kei class mini van from Japan, such as Honda Acty, Daihatsu Hijet, Mitsubishi Minicab & Suzuki Every, or even new model such as Mazda Scrum, Subaru Sambar & Toyota Pixis.




Sayonara Tamiya-san


Posted by therock on 14 May 2017 - 08:39:25 AM



One of the biggest pastimes of my childhood... not just the 1/35 models (unlike the 1/72 scale of Airfix), Tamiya was also responsible for the powered cars, with a remote control.






We are sad to be informed from Tamiya UK that the current president of Tamiya and son-in-law of Mr. Shunsaku Tamiya, Mr. Masayuki Tamiya, passed away at the age of 59 after a long battle with illness on May 1st, 2017.

Mr. Masayuki Tamiya had worked for the Tamiya company since 1990, since 2004 as Senior Executive Director and was handed over the presidency of the Tamiya company from Mr. Shunsaku Tamiya in 2008. He was a very enthusiastic modeller and ensured that the choice of subjects and the quality remained as good as ever.

At TamiyaBlog we would like to express our sincere and strong condolences to his family and the Tamiya Company.










Summer transfer window 2017 - let's start the money rolling


Posted by Osprey23 on 21 May 2017 - 04:58:36 PM

My Digital Microscope equipment


Posted by carloverguy2017 on 06 May 2017 - 03:27:22 PM

What to buy for mother day?


Posted by kobayashiGT on 02 May 2017 - 01:39:16 AM

Robert Miles (trance musician) dead at 47


Posted by Turboflat4 on 10 May 2017 - 12:06:29 PM

8 Simple Tips to Help your Teen be Money Savvy in SG.


Posted by Pratakosong on 16 May 2017 - 03:58:17 AM

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