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Posted 19 August 2009 - 03:07 AM

  • Mustang
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The latest news from the land down under is that Proton will be phasing out the current Wira-based Proton Jumbuck (known as the Proton Arena in Malaysia) over the next few months in preparation for the launch of an all-new Jumbuck.

According to the story, the new Jumbuck/Arena will be based on an existing passenger car platform. It would make sense for Proton to base the new Jumbuck on the Exora’s platform and they’ve actually hinted at this during the Exora’s R&D showcase earlier this year. The rendering you see above was provided by Proton and shows what a new Jumbuck/Arena based on the Exora could look like.

The Exora’s platform was designed to be modular and flexible with even the option of changing the rear torsion beam into a multi-link setup for more versatility in tuning the suspension behaviour for passenger car usage.

Heard that it will be powered by either 2.0 turbodiesel or 1.8 petrol engines.2 doors with rear seats for 3.



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Its better to drive a small car with BIG brain rather than driving big car with NO brain at all!
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People from other countries are also amazed when Singaporeans are stupid enough to own cars at ridiculous prices tagged with something funny called COE. So no matter you are driving a tin can from whatever country, contis or supercars, you are already losing money from the moment you sign on the dot. My point is, respect other's choice, if you got nothing better to say, just shut up.


Posted 19 August 2009 - 12:17 PM

  • Plusnplus
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hope come with manual too :)

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