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Actually I know of two driving the Kia Forte K3, the first generation model and the facelifted first generation model. Also no problem. I have one of my bosses drive a basic K3, one of the earliest batches, and also no problems at all. And recently one of my colleagues bought the latest facelifted K3, and he's been driving it happily for a few months now. Also no issues at all.


Generally Kia is very reliable. In fact, it topped the JD Powers reliability charts if I don't recall wrongly.


No worries lar... just go ahead and buy the car of your dreams...


I agree. My uncle drove the first generation of Kia Cerato for 10 years. That time car plate was SGBxxxx, now scrape liao.


He never really take care of his car, sometime delayed servicing etc. Heavy usage, always driving up north to Genting. Drove the car until it's very last moment at 10 years, never had major problem.


Last year, he bought the pre-FL K3. He told me, he had great faith in this brand after his first KIA.

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