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Posted 13 October 2016 - 01:54 PM

  • KiaCeratoHB
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Guys, any recommendation where to buy & how to tell if original? What shud be the price?

So many online sellers now selling between $50 to $70. Are these real or replicas?

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Singtech Car Horn

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Reviewed by Qwerty333  |  Neutral Newbie

Loud enough to warn other user

Changed my original factory horn to this because my previously original horn was too soft whenever i sound my horn road user barely could hear it. After changing to this horn most of the road user is able to heard and could prevent from accident

Singtech Car Horn

Singtech Car Horn  |  Rating   Submit Review

Reviewed by JonPassat08  |  Neutral Newbie

Perfect alert sounding horn.

Reading the brochure, it produces 115dB upon sounding the horn. Loud and clear even when at extremely noise polluted areas such as in Malaysia. The horn's sound pressure was loud, the tone was different, making it stand out from the others. I... » Read More

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