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Posted 28 July 2017 - 12:09 PM

  • SHG_Auto
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Hi all car owners:

Are you looking for a secondhand car?
Are you looking to trade-in your current car for another model?

Is your car's COE due soon and you're looking to scrap or export?

Do drop me a pm or whatsApp. I will assist in the entire process to make it fast, painless and convenient for you.

I specialise in car services including trade-ins & scrapping/exporting. I will strive to give you the best quote possible. Most importantly, I will ensure the process is honest, transparent and fair.

Our company has been in the car trade for more than 20 years and we take pride in customer satisfaction in the way we have conducted our business in the past 2 decades. No precious time is wasted on your part. For used car enquiries, feel free to drop me a SMS or WhatsApp.

For scrapping/exporting:
Drop a msg; after confirmation of deal, just drop your car off at our office and your cheque will be ready for you.

To request for a quotation, kindly SMS or WhatsApp to 9855-3664 in the following format:
1. Vehicle make & model
2. Year of registration
3. Transmission (Auto or Manual)
4. Car Plate Number
5. Owner's IC Number
6. Mileage
7. Number of owners
4. Engine's Condition
5. Gearbox's Condition

(You may also wish to send in photos of your car - front, 2 sides, rear view. I'll see if I can assist with better rates based on exterior condition if your car is suitable for export)

Feel free to also drop me a text if you're looking for specific car models or to trade-in. We also sell a variety of used Jap and Conti cars.

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