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Posted 12 October 2017 - 10:46 PM

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LTA has opened a new 10km stretch at Tanah Merah Coast Road with a new feature which is the first in SG: on-road cycling lanes, 2m wide and supposed to cater to serious speed cyclists. 


Cyclists are happy but this actually poses a safety risk to both cyclists and motorists alike. I drive along this road every day, and I have encountered a few times at cross-junctions and T-junctions where both the cyclist and motorist think they have the right of way, and there is a near-miss. 


Motorists are supposed to stop on the outermost vehicle lane and not inside the cycling lane if there is a need to stop the vehicle, however most vehicles still stop within the cycling lane in order not to obstruct traffic. This in turn poses a safety risk to the speed cyclists who may be bending down and may not be able to stop in time to avoid collision with the stopped vehicle. 


This stretch of road is also frequented by large trucks and heavy vehicles, which adds to the risk due to the truck height and bigger blind spots. 


My view is that our motorists and cyclists should be briefed or given some guidelines on the usage of the new feature, such as the one in the link below. Not sure if the latest Basic or Advanced Theory Test has included this new feature? 




Any thoughts are welcome. 

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