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Posted 14 February 2018 - 11:00 AM

  • Midorima
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Have been searching around in the forum, don't seem to see any topics specifically to this model. How is the car for those who have driven it for some time?


I have driven my 1.4l 2017 manufactured for about 6 months +. It is great, but noticed these 2 things:-


1. Brakes really squeak loud in the morning, but goes away quickly. Read that the brakes used by Audi tend to have this characteristic


2. Sometimes at around 1800-2000rpm for first 3 gears or so, there is this very soft tone sound, like a very very faint toned whistle. Can't describe it exactly, quite like a soft recorder sound (those you blow into). It is only audible if you don't turn on the radio as it is quite soft. It doesn't always have this sound, and if you rev harder it actually goes away and doesn't come back. I am not sure the source, but hopefully it is not a sign of a bigger problem.

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