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Improves both Horsepower and Torque from Low to High RPM resulting in better acceleration, superior engine response.
By : WowGadgetsPteLtd  Merchant Rating   | Product: Voltage Stabilizer
 Boon Lay |  WowGadgetshop    Merchant Rating   | Product: Voltage Stabilizer
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JB4, ECU Tuning to enhance turbo-charged vehicles performance. Call now to find out more!
By : v2d  Merchant Rating   | Product: ECU Turbo
 Kaki Bukit |  v2d    Merchant Rating   | Product: ECU Turbo
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$1,000 Onwards
 Kaki Bukit |  v2d
Genuine Original Used Ferrari California 4.3L Secondary Air Pipe Exhaust Gas Valve EGR
By : PropelAuto  Merchant Rating   | Product: Exhaust System Turbo Hose
 Kranji |  PropelAuto    Merchant Rating   | Product: Exhaust System Turbo Hose
By : PropelAuto  Merchant Rating   | Product: Turbo
 Kranji |  PropelAuto    Merchant Rating   | Product: Turbo
BRAND NEW set of Blow Off Valve / Turbo Sound Effect Simulator! CHEAPEST IN SG GUARANTEED! Click NOW to find out more!
By : ModsMinistry  Merchant Rating   | Product: Blow Off Valve Turbo
 Serangoon |  ModsMinistry    Merchant Rating   | Product: Blow Off Valve Turbo
All Models
Cash & Carry
By : ModsMinistry  Merchant Rating   | Product: Blow Off Valve Turbo
 Serangoon |  ModsMinistry    Merchant Rating   | Product: Blow Off Valve Turbo
All Models
Cash & Carry
Created to solve the issue with turbo lag, increases the reliability and unrestricted airflow direct to yr turbocharger.
By : SKgarage  Merchant Rating   | Product: Turbo
 Pioneer |  SKgarage    Merchant Rating   | Product: Turbo
Original Turbocharger on Subaru Legacy. Twin scroll turbo with titanium turbine and shaft. Used for less than 10,000km and owner upgraded to larger turbocharger.
By : Slowleg | Product: Turbo
Slowleg | Product: Turbo
All Models
Turbo Bolt On Kit For Suzuki Swift
By : JOCHONG3177 | Product: Turbo
JOCHONG3177 | Product: Turbo
Selling a used (2 months) Zage Turbo Kit for Suzuki Swift Sport
By : Subcraz | Product: Turbo
Subcraz | Product: Turbo
Good condition IHI VF37 Twinscroll Turbo for Subaru. Less than 20k km on it. Fast Spooling as compared to Single Scroll.
By : Fuzzylogic | Product: Turbo
Fuzzylogic | Product: Turbo
Brand New. Induced vortex into throttle body. With Wire Mesh.
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A very cost effective, value for $$ upgrade especially for WRX/STI, best dollar per HP. Also can be customised to fit any other cars.
By : Jeffy | Product: Turbo Exhaust Manifold
Cheapest Swift Turbo Kit in Town. Full kit with Pipings etc. Fully Bolt-On. Save yr headaches customizing one at $4/5K
By : Lzxhenry | Product: Turbo
Lzxhenry | Product: Turbo
Item come with Spec C original exhaust. extractor, up pipe and downpipe.
By : Bluecal | Product: Turbo
Bluecal | Product: Turbo
Almost new. Used less than 500km.
By : Jonathanchan | Product: Turbo
Jonathanchan | Product: Turbo
All Models
Unichip Q for $280. Turbo module $120. Grab both for only $350!!
All Models
TD04L for Subaru,No Shaft Play. Excellent Condition, View To Believe Good for Spare/Replacement
By : Ss_sidi | Product: Turbo
Ss_sidi | Product: Turbo
HKS Supercharger Kit Dekitted For Sale, Parts Complete As Shown In Picture.
By : Taixi88 | Product: Turbo
Taixi88 | Product: Turbo
Selling TD035 turbo, forester. SUper condition. 5/5
By : Swiftevo | Product: Turbo
Swiftevo | Product: Turbo
Selling zage TD-05 18G.
By : Dynotech | Product: Turbo
Dynotech | Product: Turbo
All Models
Blouch TD05-18G 7cm turbocharger for Subaru 02-07 WRX/STI or upto 08 Forester.
By : Ecuboy | Product: Turbo
Ecuboy | Product: Turbo
One of the best condition TD04L-13T, zero shaft play.
By : Turbofeet28 | Product: Turbo
Turbofeet28 | Product: Turbo
Selling a stock turbo TF035 from Subaru Forester SG5. Good condition.
By : Kev1n | Product: Turbo
Kev1n | Product: Turbo
We provide expert tuning of stand alone Engine Management System (EMS) for fuel injected racing and performance vehicles. We have experience tuning systems such as Apexi Power, AEM ECU, Autronics ECU.
By : Dynotechnica | Product: ECU Turbo
Dynotechnica | Product: ECU Turbo
All Models
Almost new IHI TD05 20G
By : Limweilong | Product: Turbo
Limweilong | Product: Turbo
All Models
Improved fuel economy, instant increase in engine power, reduces carbon accumlation in engine, minimized air pollution and enhanced throttle response and accleration.
By : Racing_technik  Merchant Rating   | Product: Turbo Ventilator
 Ubi |  Racing_technik    Merchant Rating   | Product: Turbo Ventilator
Simota Twin Super Spiral Turbo Ventilator
By : Jrcarmods | Product: Turbo Ventilator
All Models
HKS GT2835 Single Scroll Ball Bearing Turbo without Acuator Asking price @ $688 Newly reconed haven\'t used after recon.
By : Gtturbo | Product: Turbo
Gtturbo | Product: Turbo
All Models
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