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Tchernov Cable Classic XS MK II IC RCA Audio Cable - 1.65 mtrs
$1,200cash & carry
Brand New
In Car Entertainment
Suitable For All Models
Posted on: 08 Jul 2019 | Updated on: 08 Jul 2019

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Tchernov Cable Classic XS MK II IC RCA Audio Cable (NEW) - 1.65 mtrs
Available - 4 pairs

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Features & Specs

Based on the Classic Interconnect Cables, the XS series is a real upgrade featuring a stronger conductor as well as the outstanding technology of "X-Shielding" which achieves even higher noise protection and an improved tonal balance. The accuracy of the sound signal transmission is exceptional. 

As other family members of Classic XS series, Classic XS Interconnect Cables are used for high end audio systems. Fixed with a wave impedance of 110 Ohm, these cables can be used both for analog and digital applications. The series also offers a digital version which can be used for professional applications and also as microphone cables. Classic XS Interconnect Cables are available only in terminated lengths for audio in RCA and XLR (Classic XS IC RCA and CLASSIC XS IC XLR) as well as in terminated lengths for digital AES/EBU audio (Classic XS IC AES/EBU).

Analog symmetric X-Shielded interconnect. Twisted BRC multistranded conductors, each insulated by Combined Air Foamed (CAF) PE.

Binding: X-Cross multi layer PTFE (Teflon) tape.
X-Shielding: Inner layer - solid copper foil, mid layer - BRC braid >50%, outer layer - copper foiled PET.
Jacket: Double layer antistatic SPVC, covered by nylon protective sleeve.

The RCA terminated version of Classic XS IC comes with highest quality RCA connectors (red/white) which are hand assembled using custom made Tchernov SFS/AG solder.

Conductor: 2 × 0.75 mm² ≈ 2 × 19 AWG
Total thickness of the jacket: 2.20 mm
Outer diameter: 9.50 mm
Wave impedance: 110 Ohm
Nominal shield density: > 90%
Jacket colour: purple...

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Chua Yap Hin
Contact No. : 96348925
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Tchernov Cable Classic XS MK II IC RCA Audio Cable - 1.65 Mtrs Discussion

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