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#6271486 Looking for SKR 77 D (Toyota Alphard) owner

Posted by epimetheus on 18 November 2017 - 01:50 PM18 November 2017 - 01:50 PM

This might be a long shot, but no harm trying.


Incident occurred at JW St 42 car park (in front of blk 554), approx. 1005hrs. I scraped the side of your front passenger fender while reversing. Did not have any stationery with me, so I went to get some. Upon returning, your vehicle was no longer there. Should you be reading this, please drop me a pm for settlement. Pictures of the damage are attached as well. Many thanks

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#6656092 Chemotherapy experience at NCC

Posted by Lala81 on 08 April 2019 - 10:20 AM08 April 2019 - 10:20 AM

Well. This is more of a sharing experience to help understand what's chemo about.
Unfortunately, I am the patient in question.

Basically I was diagnosed with early stage cancer in mid march. Operated and confirmed diagnosis. Came to National Cancer center for further treatment.
The biggest shock is probably for my parents rather than me, given my background.
My cancer is early stage and has good long term prognosis. But has a significant chance of relapse if no preventive chemotherapy is done

Hence, after discussion with the oncologist here, will be undergoing 2 x 3 weeks cycles of chemo. My kids still young, so not taking preventive chemo is not really an option.
I'm pretty prepared for everything, so all the pros and cons of chemo were q straight forward for me.
Immune system will be weakened. So avoid crowded places. Wear mask. Eat only cooked food. Watch for fever etc.

Basically once u seen the oncologist and if chemo is needed. U will need to prebook the chemo appt at level 3. Ambulatory treatment unit.
Everytime u come must register and measure weight. Then u wait for your chair or bed to receive treatment.

U come. U wait at your bed/chair. Can be accompanied by one family member. They come set plug and give u medicines. Then the infusion starts. Which lasts about few hours. I usually nap a bit or read on my phone. Was considering Netflix but no real inclination to watch when I was actually here.

First week is pretty intense. 5 days in a row. Forearm veins also sian from being poked.
There are different agents given on different days and everyone will experience different side effects.
Main side effects are nausea, fatigue and feeling sick. It was pretty rough for mid last week. Even walking around the home is tiring.
Supposedly with the latest drugs, vomiting is uncommon though nausea here and there is common.
Sleep wake cycle is bit screwed up also.
I'm easily 20-30 years younger than most pts here, can imagine these older folks need to be even more stoic.

Currently I'm on week 2 of the first cycle. Typing this while I'm waiting for the infusion to finish.

If u do have have family or friends having chemo, its pretty depressing to undergo.
Family and friends are the most important in distracting you and helping out, though my kids are more annoying now since I'm not in the best of moods.
The social connection is undoubtedly the most important though.

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#5371347 Sjv1595 got hit at car park. i hv video for u

Posted by Fibo on 23 December 2014 - 11:15 PM23 December 2014 - 11:15 PM

truck reversed to park and hit the parked car (sjv159s) on his right. I am not sure he left any sorry note behind but, see video, he parked further away after that incident.


following video showed the truck driver was reversing his truck (and hit other car)





after witnessing the accident, i continued to drive into the car park, dropped some one off, and exiting the car park. following video is to show the recording when i was on my way out. you can see the truck parked many car lot away from the car he hit.



following are what i captured from above video.




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#5295438 Hit & run SGH54xxZ white Nissan Sunny

Posted by Ronleo on 30 September 2014 - 02:07 PM30 September 2014 - 02:07 PM

To friends/ owner of the white Sunny whom I believe lived at Telok Blangah Cres near the market...

I witnessed your car being bumped by a red Subaru this morning at 11.45am while the driver was trying to reverse into the lot, causing damage to your left headlight and also red scratch paint on your bumper as well...

I was inside my car when the incident happened and my car cam clearly shows the culprit coming out of his car to check for damage on both his and your car before driving off!

I have left a note as well on your windscreen but still yet to get a call from u. Hopefully it's not raining there...

Kindly PM me for the video clip and if needed, I am willing to stand as witness for u against the culprit, whom I believed is in his late20s-early 30s.

#5349195 Drive safe - Accident caught on video

Posted by Kurty on 24 November 2014 - 05:24 PM24 November 2014 - 05:24 PM

sharing something that caught in my dvr few days back, ignore the date stamp as i didn't set it..
The taxi is in front, what pissed me off is the uncle trying to deny and push the blame to the poor driver..
and even wanted to call the police.. wasting tax payer money..
as i render help to him, the poor chap was shivering in fear/shock..
furthermore, exhaust dropped and don't think car was in a condition to drive.
Children in car, were shocked as well.
lucky i was behind the scene, capturing all.
assured the driver that he's in the right of way and everything in recorded (finally, my dvr working....)
the driver used my video and fought his case.
glad that we helped, least on the road.
Drive safe  :D

#5685837 My date with Traffic Court, Court 21

Posted by Adrianli on 04 January 2016 - 11:19 AM04 January 2016 - 11:19 AM

At traffic police HQ, just take a queue number, go into the room and surrender your physical driving license there. The lady was shocked I was there just 40mins after my court hearing. They do not even have it on their computer record yet. She accepted my license and gave me an acknowledge form. She told me to collect my license after my suspension. Traffic police is supposed to send me a letter to collect back my license after my suspension. One week later, I received a letter from traffic police to surrender my license. Also on EDDIES, you will see that your license is invalid.


Speeding 006.jpg



Status of Driving Licence.jpg




Until the day of my suspension ended, no letter from traffic police to collect my driving license back. Never inform me to collect back my license. So I called them and they told me to go to traffic police HQ to collect it back.


And then I enquired about my points. I was wondering, after deducting 18 points, I should have left with 6 points. But the officer said no. As I had served my suspension, my points have been reset to 12 points for the next 12 months from the date my suspension ended. Woohooo so I gained 6 points. He said if I kena 12 points offence, my license will be suspended immediately. Only after 12 months, then I will have back my 24 points.



So from then on its safe driving for me, sticking to the speed limit +/- a little bit. No more hard stamping on accelerator in Singapore. Safe driving guys and gals, don’t scold me too much. I am just sharing my traffic court experience here. [drivingcar]

#5600985 To owner of Black Audi A4 SJW7368D

Posted by Vulcann on 16 September 2015 - 12:49 PM16 September 2015 - 12:49 PM

Please refer to the video footage of your parked car at lot 62 of Towner Rd HDB open-air car park TR1 being reversed into at 6:45pm on 15 Sep 2015 (Tue) by a light green van Toyota Hiace GP5674E driven by a woman in red top:   




I was in a rush so did not manage to stay behind to ensure the offending driver leaves her particulars. 


Hope she had done so but if not I hope the above footage can aid in your insurance claims.


Good luck.

#5643743 Owner of Subaru vehicle number SGK 8341Y

Posted by Matrixx on 10 November 2015 - 12:40 AM10 November 2015 - 12:40 AM

To the owner of Subaru vehicle number SGK 8341Y,


Was walking to my place's petrol kiosk to get ciggy, and was cutting across the open air car park when I saw a white lorry trying to park beside your car, and bang, it reverses into the front left of your vehicle. I don't think the lorry driver knew I was there, as I was behind. It continued to park into the lot though. When I came back from the kiosk, the driver was still sitting in the lorry, and as such, I couldn't leave a note on your car.


The lorry's registration plate is YN 135B. I'll try to look for this Subaru again tomorrow evening and leave a note. Should be a season lot holder.


I hope you're in this forum, and able to see this. Contact me if you need a witness.


Mod, if I post this in the wrong section, kindly help me to shift this posting.

#5639613 Thank You SGCARMART!

Posted by Tianmo on 04 November 2015 - 08:18 AM04 November 2015 - 08:18 AM

Being very busy lately...............but still I think need to show appreciation and a thank you to sgcarmart for the platform provided to sell cars ourselves.......... [thumbsup]


The story goes as I wanted to sell my car..............instead of going around asking dealers for quotes (usually dealers will squeeze you real hard)...................I went to sgcarmart Quotz.............filled up a form and went for the sales by bidding.............the whole process was simple and easy ( filled up form.....got a call...went down for photo taking......filled up some forms.....paid $107....and wait for bidding close)........


Well............the highest bidding price by the closing time did not meet my expectation.............but was higher than their guaranteed price...................so no go and Quotz gets to keep my $107......... so sad.... [bigcry]  [laugh]


By now I had an idea of how much my car can fetch from dealers.....................so went ahead paid $48 and "POST AN AD" and sell it myself as direct seller in sgcarmart............posted the ad on Friday evening.............Sat phone rang and after a few viewings.............say bye bye to my work horse.............with a sales amount of $7000 over dealers highest bid price.................wooooohooooooo............. [:p]


These could not have happen without the sgcarmart platform and the simplified procedures provided by sgcarmart..........and the forms for DIY sales were really helpful and useful!!!!............


Now looking to buy a car from direct seller and save some money............looks like I will be going the DIY way in future dealings as well............ [grin]


Thank you SGCARMART....................and well done guys!!!! [thumbsup]



#6477415 Accident on NSHW with a malaysia car

Posted by ChaosMyth on 25 July 2018 - 05:59 PM25 July 2018 - 05:59 PM

So just very recently I went on a trip to Msia n got into a car accident with a malaysia car. Genting to be exact. Was somewhere after Pagoh towards SG. Traffic was relatively heavy for an evening drive back. I was e one in the wrong here as I slammed into a MY Lexus. First thing was panic. Ever watched those videos on Facebook sites like Beh Chia Lor, Singapore Reckless Driver n get angry when the driver who caused the accident nvr come down immediately to check on the car that he/she rammed into? Well now I really know why.. When it happened I was overwhelmed. Shock, panic, basically overwhelmed by the feelings of doom. Getting into an accident in SG is one thing, to have it happen in MY, its my first.


So just wanted to share my experience on what happened so for those who unfortunately get into one in msia, will not panic like i did.


- Don't follow too closely to the car infront. Always look far. I know its smthing we all get complacent with at times. NSHW traffic as we all know it can be unpredictable. Fast, slow, fast, slow. Don't try to tailgate, always maintain a safe following distance. I wasnt following too closely or anything but I think I just didnt react fast enough to the sudden chain of ebrake.


- Make sure ur phone have auto-roaming. u need to be able to call out during an emergency, data to whatsapp (some tow trucks may ask u to send photos of the exact location).


- Make sure u have all the emergency numbers in ur phone. Well I didnt have. The PLUS hotline is 1800 88 0000. It is the equivalent of our EMAS. Their PLUS will only tow ur vehicle to the nearest exit. For my case they didnt and i have no idea why. They only assisted to stop traffic and tow my car and the Lexus to the road shoulder.


- Standby a reliable tow truck number. Even with a tow truck number, u need to decide if u want to repair ur car in a workshop in jb or tow it back to sg. If insurance claim I think it's definitely going to be tow back to sg. For my case tow was my only option because the front of my car was badly damaged, tyre also ruptured becuz of the impact. Settled for insurance claim.


And it is also best to prepare a few tow truck numbers to call. Some of them may not be available when u need them. Some of them may be located all the way in JB and will take more than an hour plus to come. No good to be stranded on the NSHW. Traffic is heavy, very dangerous. I paid RM100 for a random tow truck that stopped to tow my car to the nearest exit. I think he is those opportunist kind who will target accident cars and try to offer to tow ur car for a large sum of money. They know u are desperate so even if they offer u a high amount, u have no choice. But yah I only asked them to tow to the nearest exit so I can find other solution. 


Base on what I encountered, the "market rate" to tow ur car back to SG is about RM1200 to RM1400 from but also depends on ur location. This will be all the way back to ur workshop in SG. If there are cheaper towing options, please do share here for the rest of us. Never know when we may need it.


I also wished I was a member of AAS. Might be able to activate AAM towing services. But u need to be a member and I wasn't one.


- What to do upon an accident. Same thing like SG... If all parties are okay, decide on settlement. Take photos, call tow truck. Exchange particulars with the other party. Take photos of IC, driving license. If you are claiming another party, try to take photo of his identity card with his house add. We also made a police report. I dunno if that's the usual practice but the police accompanied us to the nearest exit to take our statements. n becuz I was at fault here, it means they will slap me with a traffic fine for careless driving. The fine is RM300. This fine is also necessary in order for the malaysian driver to claim me for insurance. N i think the statement is also needed in order to tow ur car back to sg.


- After all done, wait for your tow truck to get back to sg. The truck lane open only after 12am so I had to wait till then as it happened late evening and by the time everything settled, alrdy damn late..


- So in total, my car was towed by 3 different msia tow trucks. 1st was to the nearest exit, second towed my car nearer to jb and then change another tow truck to tow into sg.  :mellow:


right now the fate of my car lies in the hands of my workshop. just the luck of the msian car to get into an accident with an sg car plate. his claim against me will def take awhile. 


as for me, it is a lesson well learnt. i can blame the car way infront who caused the jam brake but to have banged into the back of a car, that is on me and my fault. no one else to blame but myself. so many trips to msia n this is the first time i gotten into this mess and i was also unprepared. to the rest who regularly travel up north, do drive safely and make sure u have sufficient cash for emergencies and the right contacts on hand in case of an emergency. even better if u have contacts to a reliable workshop in jb should ur damages not be that severe and u wanna try to get the repair done in msia.


be composed and dont panic. i am also fortunate that the driver of the lexus is understanding even in that situation. knowing i am helpless he tried his best to talk to the tow truck guy and police for me as i dont speak malay. 


the thing is i can blame myself for what happened etc, but at the end of the day, im just glad to be bk home safely n that i didnt hurt anyone. this is going to be an expensive lesson but i have to say im happy i am even ALIVE to be able to type this. okay thats all!







#5876223 Listen to your child, you will be surprise!

Posted by Nicfoo on 11 July 2016 - 11:46 AM11 July 2016 - 11:46 AM

Well, It took me a week to decide that I should share this with other parents here. It is no big deal, but I must say I am proud of him, and I want to remind other parents to listen and pay attention to your child. You will be surprise...LOL


My boy came to on Wed a week ago in the evening after school. Our conversation was a simple one on the subject.


Boy : " Daddy, I need a shelf to keep my rubix's cubes and kentama. This is what I need." ( and he went on to explain to me what he wanted)


Me: " OK, can you draw it out and explain to me again?"


Boy : " Ok, do you want a 2D or 3D drawing?"


Me : " Give me both." ( But seriously, in my mind I was like WTF, how are you going to do a 3D drawing. He is only 11 years old, with no technical background, I don't even know if I can read and understand his drawing when it is done...LOL)


He left to his room, came back to me in 15 min, and this is what he drew. Engineers please don't laugh at him, he is a P5, 11 years old boy.


NF drawing.jpg


We then went into his room and had a discussion on where he wanted it install. Weekend came, father and son went on a material purchase trip after breakfast, grab everything we need, came back and started on the job. It was a simple 10 min job for me, but to see him eagerly involved running around taking tools and throwing away rubbish was fun. It was more than father and son bonding, it was more like "2 men working on a project". 


He was not only happy, he was proud of the work. A simple job, but it was his idea, his creative, and it became reality. With this, I am sure he will come to his dad with more projects and ideas, and I look forward to having such "2 men working on a project" kind of weekends...LOL


Guys, so if your child come running to you with an idea to do up his/her room, or asking you to build something with him/her, don't brush them away, listen to them. It may sound simple and not worth the while for us to do it, but it is something great to the child, something he/she can be proud of. A way to build his/her confident, encourage creativity,  stronger the bond, and a great way to spend that weekend away from hp and Pc...LOL


You may be surprise what else their little brain can come out with. Here is the finished product...LOL


NF project.jpg

#6223426 MCF Members Introduction

Posted by Carbon82 on 21 September 2017 - 05:11 PM21 September 2017 - 05:11 PM

Hi all,


In most forums I have visited, there are usually a thread for member to get know to each other. There used to be one here, created back in 2002, but most pages were TCSS, well almost. So here come a fresh one, and I shall start first.










Nick(s): Carbon82 (aka 8559 / numberman in AsiaOne Forum)

Gender: F (for father)

Age: Old enough to recognize cars from the '60s

Marital Status: Happily married with 2 kids

Occupation (official): HSE / EHS & Business Continuity Professional

Occupation (unofficial): Teller, driver, cook, baker, maid, handyman, motivational speaker, tutor... basically bao gao liao

Car(s) owned: 2016 VW Sharan 380TSI (Current), 2012 Skoda Superb 2.0TSI, 2008 Honda Crossroad 1.8 i-VTEC, 2004 Honda Stream 2.0 i-VTEC, 2001 ES8 Honda Civic 1.5 VTi, 1996 Subaru Vivio

Dream Car(s): Mercedes-Benz GLS 63 AMG, VW Kombi T1

Favorite Pastimes: Anything related to cars, surfing the web, cooking / baking, makan, photography (non-professional level), blaming the G (well I am Singaporean you know?) [:p] 




Alphabetical order...






Here's my introduction.


Nick(s): Altisowner (present) I've registered a nick before in 2006 but can't remember the password and was not so active then. 

Gender: Male (an old man)

Age: just reached 65

Marital Status: Happy married with 3 adult children and a Grandfather of 5

Occupation (official): Forestry and Agricultural Machinery Consultant (now semi-retired)

Occupation (unofficial): None

Car(s) owned: Present cars Lexus ES250 (just 2 weeks ago), Altis already pass on to my wife (her car just expired).  My very first car was a Datsun 120Y, Ford Lancer, Mazda6, BMW320, Subaru Legacy, Camry2.2, Altis1.8.

Dream Car(s): Never have any dream car

Favorite Pastimes: surfing the net, watching TV, walk with my pet dog, washing car over the weekend as exercise, enjoy wine every other night at home or with friends.








Nick(s): (The One and Only) BabyBlade 


Gender: F 


Age: Twenties!


Marital Status: Single


Occupation (unofficial): Dreamer, Sleeper, Lao Sai Queen


Car(s) owned: I drive but I don't own. Thank you sgCarMart.   [grin]


Dream Car(s): Audi TT, Nissan GTR


Bike(s) owned: Honda NSR150SP, Honda MSX125 Grom, Yamaha Spark 135 (Current), Honda CBR400RR (Current), Ducati 899 Panigale (Current)


Current Dream Bike: Kawasaki Ninja ZX10R


Can't Do Without: Bikes, Piano, Music, Traveling


Favorite Quote: "I believe that everything happens for a reason. People change so that you can learn to let go, things go wrong so that you appreciate them when they're right, you believe lies so you eventually learn to trust no one but yourself, and sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together."




Nick(s): beano

Gender: Male obviously..

Age: mid 30s?

Marital Status: Married

Occupation (official): Enginner

Occupation (unofficial): Don't have

Car(s) owned: Skoda Octavia, Skoda Superb, VW Golf R, Audi RS3 (current)

Dream Car(s): Mclaren 570S

Favorite Pastimes: Gaming, sports, mountain biking, playing around with tech






Might as well join in the fun too. Haha


Nick(s): Benarsenal

Gender: Male

Age: Not young and not old

Marital Status: Let's just say I can go into Tiko thread without worries.   [cool]

Occupation (official): Developer

Occupation (unofficial): Bao ka liao

Car(s) owned: Currently no car.  Before that, Toyota Prius and Mitsubishi Lancer

Dream Car(s): VW Golf GTI, Honda NSX, Mazda MX-5 (original with pop up headlights)

Favorite Pastimes: Jiak zua at MCF, watch football (guess my favourite team. Should be obvious haha), travel








Wonder what kind of Intro I need to expose myself here...

I'm not a young chap here, that's for sure, just by counting my cars I've owned would be suffice to determine my age group.

Here goes,


Daihatsu Charade

Honda Civic esi

Hyundai Accent

Hyundai Getz

Hyundai Avante

Subaru WRX

Hyundai Accent


Next car, no plan, because no money.


The only car that I didn't modified or played, is WRX, because it has all the power I wanted. I took it to the track once to experience the trill.

I lost to all the Malaysian trackies. They were cheap and fast.


A full time Engineer who studied the wrong course regretfully and went into a wrong industry, I prefer arts and robotics.
So I love to tinker much just about anything, from broken toys to breaking toys when I am young, to photography and on recent many years ago I started to ditch the still pictures and move on to motion pictures  ( filming ) as my long term passion.


I approached several car magazines and Facebook pages to "beg" for a part time job and hopefully the small income can fund my passion and moving forward to be able to see if I can work on something in the video filming genre to gain more recognition.


In person, I am very open minded and straight forward. I can be very blunt and honest in my opinion too. Due to my star sign. LOL.

So my post sometimes carries a hate mail .. haha. 

I give my intro 10/10. Swee !


As to my nickname and logo..that's a twist ..


Car Lover Guy or Carl Over Guy , you decide. 

T4 is the acronym for my Youtube channel which means The Terrible Terri Talks, four tees , thus T4

As for the nickname, It''s suppose to be the former, I not gay. LOL






Looking to start a topic but I'm short of posts so I thought why not.


Nick(s): ChaosMyth 


My username is from a song by ONE OK ROCK - a Japanese rock band formed in 2005. One of their most popular singles goes to "Wherever You Are". I like them for their alternative rock and pop rock songs. And most notably the vocals of lead singer Takahiro Moriuchi. Not to mention he is cute. Haha.



Gender: F

Age: Does it matter? Age is just a number. Haha. Mid twenties.

Marital Status: Single 

Occupation (official): I'm in the maritime industry

Car(s) owned: Honda Accord euroR (First, and only one for now)

Dream Car(s): Don't really have one. I'm all for practicality but if I have to choose, maybe a Porsche Boxster.

Favorite Pastimes: Mahjong for sure


And if you're wondering why I'm on the forum, I just bought the euroR off sgcarmart so I'm here to fish for some info. 






hi~ am new here!


Nick(s): chryst

Gender: female

Age: need to scroll year selection at least twice during sign up

Marital Status: not married

Occupation (official): content creator and decision influencer

Occupation (unofficial): maid, clown, ATM, purveyor of unnecessary leather goods

Car(s) owned: 2004 WRX STI, 2006 Sonata, Lancer, Fit, Altis, Chevy Optra (Current)

Dream Car(s): Another rex, the new brz, forester, bugatti veyron

Favorite Pastimes: my furkid, bimbo stuff, buying bags, read/write (for real even though i sound like a primary school kid), eating, discovering hacks, blackmailing people


nice to meet all of you  [wave]








since my bff TS complained i make fun of him...i also better support his thread by  introducing myself


Nick(s): Enye

Gender: Sensitive information

Age: Sensitive information

Marital Status: Sensitive information

Occupation (official): Storeman/Caretaker/Office boy

Occupation (unofficial): None

Car(s) owned: Peasant cars but now bus mrt and walk

Dream Car(s): Cannot afford any dreams

Favorite Pastimes: No time no money








Nick(s): fitvip (the one and only)

Gender: Man.

Age: 2 digits only, can't buy 4-D.

Marital Status: Happily married. Was penalised for having the third child.

Occupation (official): Eatwestnorthwind

Occupation (unofficial): Househusband, people/nature watching.

Car(s) owned: Honda CB350Four, Daihatsu Charade XG, Nissan Sunny VIP, Honda Fit GD, Honda FIT GE. Going to drive as long as it is FIT and contribute extra $ to feed monkeys.

Dream Car(s): Never dreamt of cars!

Favorite Pastimes: Visit mcf, etc, visiting the parks, getting sea view, putting 2 two-cm strokes on an A5 paper once every few years to keep them in check!

Favorite Quote: Respect has to be earned! When tired, retire!








Nick(s): Hoseyboh
Gender: Another old man
Age: Next year collecting cpf
Marital Status: DINK
Occupation (official): Going to be jobless soon....
Occupation (unofficial): sgcarmart stalker
Car(s) owned: Vitara, Odyssey, 330i, X3, XC90, X5, WRX STI, Golf GTI, A1(Wife), Forester 2.0XT (Wife), S class (current)
Dream Car(s): Occasional wet dream
Favorite Pastimes: sucker for whiskey.... 








Nick(s): kdash

Gender:  Male

Age: 30s

Marital Status: Married.

Occupation (official): Engineer

Occupation (unofficial): Bao Ga Liao

Car(s) owned: Toyota Sienta

Dream Car(s): DeLorean DMC-12

Favorite Pastimes: no pastime cos need to take care of young kids...








Someone in the forum asked me to participate too. 


Nick: KobayashiGT

Gender: M (Masculine) 

Age: reaching 30

Marital Status: Not yet married. 

Occupation (Official): Conman. Some fools buy, some fools sell. 

Occupation (Unofficial): bathroom singer, trying-to-be-homer-Simpson, professional-drinking-buddy and Grabhitch-Mei-Mei-Driver. 

Car(s) owned: Suzuki Carry, Suzuki Every, Honda Accord

Dream car(s): Porsche 911 GT3, Toyota 86 and Nissan GTR R32. 

Favourite Pastimes: Netflix-ing, youtube-ing and trying to annoy my dog and see if she will bite me a not. 








Nick(s): Pchou

Gender: Female (i forgive those that always call me bro :p)

Age: Sensitive information   :wub:

Marital Status: Sensitive information   [gorgeous]

Occupation (official): MCF Fulltime Staff

Occupation (unofficial): Don't have

Car(s) owned: Not driving

Dream Car(s): Mini Cooper

Favorite Pastimes: Makan, cycling, badminton, running, SHOPPING!






Those who met me I have already introduced myself and also in this forum also.

1) my nick is my real name
2) I roughly introduced myself in the health forum "I'm a nurse. Ask me anything about nursing." My photo also in this forum but thread might be gone liao. 
3) drove an avante and now a manual hyundai accent.
4) single and available. Any young pretty mcfer can pm me. No problem. 






OK just joined in to waste time (15 minutes more) whilst waiting to 'pang kang'


Nick(s): Picnic06-Biante15
Gender: M  (all rounder some say balloon)
Age:  born in the late 50's
Marital Status: Married  
Occupation (official): Cho Sai Kang aka everything under the sun
Occupation (unofficial): cho lang tulang
Car(s) owned:  two wheelers to 4 wheelers - Eagle, Rally, Shimano, Honda Cub, Vespa, Suzuki Kartana, Yamaha V-Max, Datsun FII, Nissan Sunny, Ford Laser, Kia Mentor, Toyota Corolla, Toyota Picnic and Mazda Biante
Dream Car(s):Volvo XC90, Mazda CX8, Jaguar XJ, Audi Q7
Favorite Pastimes: Food








Sorry that I did not browse enough to realise this thread from the day I joined which was couple of months ago. <paiseh hor>

hope all seniors 多多包涵,


Nick: Sotong07 (becos my friends say i damn blur one)

Gender:  M

Age:  late 40's

Marital status: married with 2 kids.  

Occupation (official): 1 leg kick

Occupation (unofficial) : something trendy and interesting

Cars owned:  1st car was swift, 2nd car GLXi, now 3rd car K3.

Before 1st car rode bike for 10+ years.

Dream cars: dare not to dream now. after retired got time then dream. kekeke.

Favorite pastimes: candycrush level 26&&, surfing net, sleep, housework.






Nick: Sunny

Sex:  As much as i can get

Age:  above 40 liao

Marital status: married with 2 kids.  

Occupation: bao ka liao

Cars owned:  1st car was nissan sunny (that's why this nick)

Dream cars: many till dont dare dream due to no budget.....  wet dreams r better

Favorite pastimes: candycrush, disturb Enye the elite, sleep (related to above 2nd line sentence)








Nick(s): terrylmt
Gender: 公
Age: Aged
Marital Status: Delisted
Occupation (official): Sales Operations Management by working day; son, father, husband, and brother at all times
Occupation (unofficial): Domestic helper, defacto food consumer, ATM, piggyback-piggy
Car(s) owned: Subaru Legacy, Nissan Bluebird, BMW E36, Hyundai Accent LC2, Hyundai Getz, Toyota Vios, Toyota Altis, Fiat Bravo 198, BMW F10 
Dream Car(s): Was the BMW E36, then Fiat Bravo 198, now BMW M5 and Maserati GranCabrio
Favorite Pastimes: Too many to list... plus too lazy... so i guess, being lazy ba!






Nick(s): thaiyotakamli
Gender: Male in the day
Age: forever young
Look: about the same as my DP
Occupation (official): jobless 
Occupation (unofficial): driver, bellboy, maid, cleaner, slave
Car(s) owned: camry 2.0, e250, a8, rx450, e200, f10, f02, now back to toyota hairy 
Dream Car(s): merc GLS, RR sport
Hobby: watch movie, sleep, eat, watch movie, sleep, eat and travel also swim abit to lose some weight






Nick(s): theoldjaffa
Gender: Same as the capital of Maldives
Age: Gen X
Marital Status: Married.
Occupation (official): salesman
Occupation (unofficial): semi retired table wiper, data entry clerk
Car(s) owned: Kia Sephia 1.5, Nissan Sunny N16 1.5, Mitsubishi Lancer CS3 1.6, Honda Crossroad 1.8, Alfa Romeo 159 2.2, Alfa Romeo GT 3.2V6, Volvo S60 2.0t, Lexus IS200t
Dream Car(s): Used to be the 159. Now, Porsche 911 (base 991 will do) 😍
Favorite Pastimes: Poison myself with cars, mods 😂. Also read up on watches, road bikes and follow the property and investment threads in MCF. Lastly, kajiao csccb but now cannot liao 😂😂 






Nick(s): Tianmo aka 天魔 aka Heavenly Demon.

Gender:  Male

Age: Born in the 70's

Marital Status: Married.

Occupation (official): One man do all

Occupation (unofficial): NA

Car(s) owned: 323GT, 190E, corolla XL, swift sedan,  sonata EF, sonata NF, optra wagon, Mazda6, Astra HB. 

Dream Car(s): AMG E63 S wagon.

Favorite Pastimes: go to this playground call MCF.


pChouBabyBlade like that can accept?  






I'm newbie.

Following the thread template intro.

Gender: M
Age: Waiting for Passion Card.
Marital Status: M
Occupation (official): Retired.
Car(s) owned: Honda Accord, BM sedan, Merc sedan, Honda Odyssey, Honda CRV, current 12 yrs coupe.
Dream Car(s): Already got my bucket list coupe.
Favorite Pastimes: couch potato. 








Nick(s): UncleAtas

Gender: M

Age: Aging gracefully

Marital Status: Depend on who's asking

Occupation (official): Country GDP lifelong contributor

Occupation (unofficial): Cook + Driver + Cleaner ....

Car & Bike(s) owned: Nissan 200sx, Skyline R34, Toyota starlet XL, RX-K, TZR 250, Swift GTI, Prelude, Evo 3, Nissan Cabstar, FZ1S, Fortuner, Nissan Every, Nissan NV200, Tmax 530

Dream Car(s): Ford Raptor

Favorite Pastimes: Cooking/Baking & Eating




Updated as of 20th December 2017.






#5137331 Our MCF Die Hard Supporter

Posted by Johnnylim on 10 April 2014 - 12:07 PM10 April 2014 - 12:07 PM

Ok Ok I own up! I'm the owner of the car. Just saw this thread n quickly go down to take a pic of my car. Basket, nid to purposely clean the back windscreen coz very dirty from the rain yesterday and to adjust my daughter soft toy (dun know where the toy tortoise comes fr) to prove.

Let me explain the origin of the stickers. If I can remember, 3 yellow stickers (1 fr premium membership, 2 fr Bosch Event). For the other 4 stickers, actually got 5 stickers (3 diff color fr Bosch Event, took fr the boot of dun know whose car at the carpark), 2 requested fr Admin when it was offered. The missing yellow color de was damaged during 1st time pasting, damn difficult to paste sui sui coz once stick on, try remove sure spoil. 

One day, after washing my car, I was wondering what to do with those stickers so suddenly this idea came to my mind [idea] .

Also, I was thinking if my paste those stickers, other vehicles would siam far far fr me coz they scared later I comprain them in this MCF [laugh]  [laugh]  [laugh]


So, those bros here pls make good your promises, give me my deserved points hor. :D

Btw, I dun hv any MCF cashcard (hint hint). Just top up some more yesterday [bigcry]



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#5227452 Epic accident scam turn disaster

Posted by SGCMsmallcar on 22 July 2014 - 10:02 AM22 July 2014 - 10:02 AM

If it was intended as a scam, then or bi good..


Careful. I saw my own eyes in Geylang last week. One PRC did that on the back of a car when the car reversing into the lot. I go down to kick that guy not to fake as I saw everything n was recorded on my DVR. I scream at him dun come n F#@k around in Singapore. I ask the driver to call Police n arrest him for scam as was recorded. That PRC guy just stand up n walk away. The driver tks me so many times and want to buy me a meal. haha

#5685824 My date with Traffic Court, Court 21

Posted by Adrianli on 04 January 2016 - 11:15 AM04 January 2016 - 11:15 AM

One fine and bright sunny Sunday morning, I was heading north as usual for my hobby routine. The roads were usually clear this early in the morning. My right foot feels a bit heavier than usual. The engine wants its horses to be released after a work week of low revs. After passing the two overhead bridge on CTE, the usual candid camera spots, I was going up the flyover on Bradellel. Decided to let the horses out for that momentary stamp on the accelerator hard. On the way down the flyover, forgot to release the accelerator as the pull from the engine was too mesmerising.


Within a couple of seconds, a motorbike with flashing blue and red lights was at my side and waved me to stop. I had to adhere to his command and did so. We pulled to the side of the road and he parked behind me. He walked over and asked me to get out of the car and produce my NRIC and driving license. I knew I was caught speeding but I did not know how fast I was caught for. I thought, at most 120km/h. I do not look at the speedometer and drive, I was looking at the road trying to concentrate and look out for other road users as my car cut through the air.


While he was radioing back his HQ to check the status of my NRIC and driving license, his accomplice arrived. Immediately, his accomplice asked me how fast I was going. I said I don’t know as I was concentrating driving on the expressway as what any good driver should. He showed me his speed camera display and it showed 143km/h. Goodness me, I was shocked too. He did a mental calculation, then told me I am lucky. Any higher and my license will be revoked. He asked for a reason for going that fast. I said I had no excuse, I was not rushing to anywhere. I plead for him to report a lower speed, but he refused.


After checking my records are clean, they told me to leave and expect a summon letter within two weeks. And told me to drive carefully!!! Very chop chop, the stop lasted less than 10mins. Looking backing into my in-car video camera, I did clock 143km/h on the downslope of the flyover. I should have released the accelerator after the upslope. They were stationed between the entrance of Bradellel and exit of AMK Ave 1 on the CTE northbound. Just outside of SMRT depot. That is a busy place, cant believe they had stationed there as I have never encounter them there. One holding the speed camera, another standby at the side of his motorbike.


Within two weeks, I really received a registered mail from postman. And I was formerly charged by traffic police for speeding at 143km/h over 90km/h speed limit. There was no composition fine to settle the offence. And at the bottom of the letter I was told to appear in court on a specific date and time. This time, really jia lat liao. Quickly went online to search for forums on what to do. There really isn’t much, the only close reference was in Singapore Bike Forum dated 2010. The fine was $800 to $1,000 with suspension of license from 3 months to 6 months. I asked around my friends, none of them ever encounter such high speeding cases. One friend told me his another friend’s wife kena $1,000 fine and 3 months suspension.


Frankly, I am not worried about the fine. I am more worried of the suspension. I need my car for weekend travelling for my hobby. Day to day, I can rely on public transport but for my hobby, which I had advanced into larger scale models, I require a transport. So I decided to look for my MP to appeal to the court for not suspending my license. I am willing to pay the fine and have 18 points deducted as a punishment of my driving.


Speeding 001.jpg

It was a Monday evening when I met my MP, who happens to be the transport minister too(now no more liao), Mr Lui Tuck Yew. The wait was long, about one hour. Then I was met with one of the many volunteers who would write a summary of my request to Mr Lui. He was shocked at the speed I was driving too and he told me that they will not be able to interfere with court proceedings. Only thing they can do is write to traffic police to appeal. I asked how about a personal letter from Mr Lui to the judge which I will hand carry to court. He told me to ask Mr Lui later when I meet him.


It was another 30mins before I am allowed to meet my MP. Upon entering the room, Mr Lui stood up, greeted me, extended his hand to shake mine. He listened to my request and politely told me that he is unable to interfere with court proceedings and is unable to write me a personal letter to the judge. He told me he will write to traffic police and try to appeal my case as I have existing medical conditions that having a car would ease my convenience. After that, he told me to take care and drive carefully!!!


Prior to seeing Mr Lui, I had already prepared letters from my various specialist stating my medical condition which does not allow me prolong standing.


True to his words, Mr Lui indeed wrote to traffic police and appeal my case. I received a letter from traffic police that they will review my case. However, the following week, received a letter back from traffic police that my appeal was unsuccessful and a new court date is set for my case. From here, I knew suspension of my driving license was for sure, but for how long, that will depend on the mood of the judge.


Speeding 002.jpg


Speeding 003.jpg


Speeding 004.jpg

#5998318 How is your 2016?

Posted by Carbon82 on 05 December 2016 - 11:18 AM05 December 2016 - 11:18 AM

Looking back, many things happened this year, a mix of good and bad events for me. Starting with the bad one first, this is the first time I lost count of the number of funeral I have attended this year, close to 10, if not more. Some gone just so suddenly (diagnosed with final stage cancer, asthma leading to brain-dead, fallen into water), leaving behind their loved one in shock and lost. Imagine in one case, a family photo (a grand one with ~50 pax) suddenly short of 3 members in a span of 4 months time… sigh [sweatdrop]


And after so many years of constant reminders, my mum still got scammed by those door-to-door sales person, as that “auntie” is very willing to lend her a listening ear, but little did she know that it is part of scammer’s tactics to fish info from her, making her walk into their trap unknowingly. Lucky for us, we manage to recover the full sum eventually (with police report made), but not without a lot of leg work, data collection and banging tables (CASE inclusive)… [furious]


Lessons learned: Spend more time with your family, be patient with old folks especially, listen to their grumble/complaint with an open mind, as you will never know what is in their mind if they don’t speak out (whether we can solve their problem is a separate matter). Try to put ourselves in their perspective when suggesting solutions, instead of insisting we are right / they are wrong! I know saying is easier than done, but I don’t want to have any regret on the day they are gone… … [bigcry]


OK, now on the better part, I managed to finally bring my family for a trip in Europe, something that I have wanted to do so many years back, but financially challenged (it is not just about affordability for me). I am not born with silver spoon, every cent were hard earned, and the more I have to plan my spending carefully, so that I would still have enough for rainy days and retirement.


And more importantly, I don’t want to let my young ones to take things for granted. A small surprise for me after the trip when my son came to me, saying: “Daddy, we have spent so much recently, do you still have enough saving?” With this simple statement, I know my preaching (on financial prudent) has been effective… [thumbsup]


Work wise, my willingness to take new challenges (different job function) has landed me with a new role and exposure. Although no promotion or increment, but I am happy with what I am doing (including the strong support from my superior), and I have also picked up a new skill, why not? Lessons learned: Do not hesitate to try out new things, you have nothing to lose actually. Knowledge and experience will follow you for life, unless you choose to “abandon” them.


OK, that all for me. What about yours? BTW, an early season greeting. Wish all of you and your loved one a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. [flowerface]

#5400271 I'm a nurse. Ask me anything about nursing

Posted by Philipkee on 28 January 2015 - 06:44 PM28 January 2015 - 06:44 PM

I realise that there have been questions popping up about SCDF and ambulance.  From contacts with my friends and even family members, there seem to be a lot of misconception of what we do in the nursing field.  What we can do, what we cannot do, bed situation and the such.


Following from Hardwarezone threads, I thought it might be helpful if I started a thread on nursing.


A little background.


Graduated from nursing over 15 years ago

Worked in C class and B2 ward in a restructured hospital

Worked in major OT in restructured and private hospital

Worked in Accident and Emergency department in restructured and private hospital

Lecturer in nursing


Attachments include SCDF posting when going for a specialist course

Of course the on and off volunteer missions overseas


So ask me anything.  If I can answer without compromising my identity or place I work, I will do so, within reason.


p/s  with O levels coming out soon, this thread is also for those who might consider nursing as a career but cannot seem to get the on the ground info [lipsrsealed]



#6494752 What Did You Makan Today PT 5

Posted by BabyBlade on 15 August 2018 - 10:42 AM15 August 2018 - 10:42 AM

Time for Part 5. And no better person than me to kickstart it.


Maggie Goreng, RK House at Serangoon Garden




Mee Goreng and Maggie Goreng at Ubi





Expensive Nasi Lemak at Punggol but I always like their chix wings




Zion Riverside Food Center, Char Kway Teow and Oyster Omelette





And my favorite ramen in Singapore! 


Santouka! Their pork cheeks fantastic!





Time to check in for those who wanna be on page 1.  [flowerface]

No idea why the frenzy to be on page 1 but not judging ya all. Haha.


#5293875 AYE accident: Driver fleeing the scene

Posted by Windkel20 on 29 September 2014 - 12:14 PM29 September 2014 - 12:14 PM



Pls ignore the timestamp. The accident happen around 9am on AYE near Alexandra Rd this morning.


Bike was going straight and suddenly the car (I think is Nissan Sunny) change lane and hit the bike. I dunno who right who wrong but personally I think it's confirm wrong not to stop and check out the injured person after involving in the accident. 


Can the white VW beetle just in front of me contact me (so that I can sms the biker boy with the details as my cam cant capture the # plate) as I saw that you have caught up with the irresponsible driver at the roadside before the Normanton exit after I saw to the boy and continued my journey. Thanks to the guy in the red van for ushering traffic and the old uncle as well.


Thanks in advance.

#5442762 SGH3456Z you are such a disgrace

Posted by Camrytron on 20 March 2015 - 05:47 PM20 March 2015 - 05:47 PM

Was pumping petrol at Esso Seng kang branch and witness this SGH3456Z was shouting and yelling to the cashier and pump attendance uncle.

Tot your car was scratch but something I can't believe, $40 of petrol. WTF

Actually story is owner say full tank but when in cashier he insisted he only want pump $60.Even uncle pump wrongly you will still be using the petrol.

Cashier told me if customers don't pay than will deduct from pump attendance uncle pay.

Uncle 1 day salary is so little and now need to pay for your stingy and shameful act,you are really such a disgrace as a car owners who can't afford to pay for own petrol.

I pity the uncle so end up I give $20 to the uncle to make his day better.

Pls all owners, even if pump attendance pump more for u,just be gentleman and pay,anyway petrol is inside our car.