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Jeremy Clarkson chose his 2018 Car of the Year

By Faiming_low on 16 Oct 2018 in Other News

Attached Image Jeremy Clarkson has announced his 2018 Car of the Year and it is the Lamborghini Huracan Performante.


2019 Formula 1 Calendar confirmed

By Faiming_low on 15 Oct 2018 in Formula 1

Attached Image Like 2018, the 2019 championship will have 21 races and will start in Melbourne on 17th March and end at Abu Dhabi on 1st of December. No new tracks will be added for the next year.


Carfection reviews Kia Stinger

By Faiming_low on 14 Oct 2018 in New model, Videos

Attached Image In the market for a large sedan that can still handle a piece of winding road well? Watch Carfection's review of the Kia Stinger 3.3 GT and see whether it fills the bill or not.


1060bhp Corvette goes drifting in the mountains

By Faiming_low on 14 Oct 2018 in Videos

Attached Image Here's another good drifting video for you to enjoy if you have some time to kill. Muscle car fans should love the video too....


First glimpse of the next Mazda3

By Faiming_low on 13 Oct 2018 in New model

Attached Image Here's how the next Mazda3 might look like - an outline of the production version has surfaced on the internet.


Next Jaguar F-Type to use BMW-sourced V8?

By Faiming_low on 13 Oct 2018

Attached Image A U.K publication has reported that the next Jaguar F-Type could arrive in 2020 with a BMW-sourced V8 engine. This is despite Jaguar's Design Director Ian Callum saying that the F-Type isn't ready for a replacement.


Mitsuoka's new roadster is based on the Mazda MX-5

By Faiming_low on 11 Oct 2018 in New model

Attached Image If the design of the Mazda MX-5 or the Fiat 124 Spider doesn't appeal to you, Mitsuoka's roadster, the Rock Star might make you sit up and take notice.


Mercedes-AMG believes new A 35 hatchback will not dilute brand

By Faiming_low on 08 Oct 2018

Attached Image Mercedes-AMG is on a roll with its fast expanding range. But will its latest A 35 hatchback, which is also its entry-level model, dilute the brand?
mercedes-amg, a35, a-class and 1 more...


Study finds U.K. drivers cursing pretty frequently

By Faiming_low on 07 Oct 2018 in Other News

Attached Image A recent study commissioned by Hyundai found that drivers in United Kingdom can be cursing a little too much...


Would you rally your new Porsche 911 GT3 RS?

By Faiming_low on 07 Oct 2018

Attached Image It is normal to see supercar owners treat their vehicles as pieces of gold and rarely drive them. However, someone with a Porsche 911 GT3 RS doesn't believe in such things.


2019 BMW 3 Series revealed

By Deeq on 03 Oct 2018 in New model

Attached Image The BMW 3 Series debuted more than 40 years ago. After months of teasers, spy shots and camouflaged prototypes, we have our first real look at the car as well as details on both the 330i and M340i, pricing and an on-sale date of March 2019.
Both cars are powered by an updated 2.0-liter turbocharged inline-four making 255 horsepower and 295 pound-feet of torque. That's 7 horsepower and 37 pound-feet more than the current model. BMW says the turbo, direct-injection system and variable camshaft timing system have all been updated. The car gets a new higher-flow fuel system and a lighter crankshaft, too. BMW rates the 0 to 60 mph time at 5.3 seconds.
3 series, bmw, bmw 3 series, 330i and 1 more...


No high performance sub brand for Kia

By Faiming_low on 30 Sep 2018

Attached Image Unlike Hyundai's well-received N high performance sub brand, sister company Kia, won't be getting its own high performance sub brand.


Toyota CEO is the owner of this one-off Century GRMN

By Faiming_low on 29 Sep 2018 in New model

Attached Image Spotted a couple of weeks ago online, a photo of a dressed-up Toyota Century surfaced online, sparking rumors that Toyota's racing arm has developed a GRMN variant of the Century.
toyota, grmn, century


Vaughn Gittin Jr becomes first driver to drift the Nurburgring

By Faiming_low on 26 Sep 2018

Attached Image Drifting is forbidden at the Nurburgring but somehow, Ford has managed to persuade the officials to allow its driver, Vaughn Gittin Jr to drift there with his drift machine. He is the first person to drift a car at the track officially.
nurburgring, drifting, drift and 1 more...


Toyota did actually develop a manual 'box for the new Supra

By Faiming_low on 26 Sep 2018 in New model

Attached Image Manual gearbox fans will be delighted to hear this - Toyota has confirmed that a manual transmission has been developed for the new Supra.


Porsche to stop making diesel cars in electric car push

By Deeq on 26 Sep 2018 in Hybrid/electric cars

Attached Image Porsche will stop offering diesel versions of its cars, the Volkswagen unit said on Sunday, sharpening its focus on hybrid and battery-powered vehicles instead.
porsche, diesel, electric car and 1 more...


Nissan reckons younger consumers want to drive sedans

By Faiming_low on 26 Sep 2018

Attached Image Nissan is launching its Altima or what we know it as the Teana, next month in America. The Japanese company is expecting the model to be a success as it reckons younger consumers want sedans.
nissan, sedan, altima


Chris Harris tries pulling electronic handbrake at nearly 200km/h

By Faiming_low on 24 Sep 2018

Attached Image The good old handbrake lever is on the breach of extinction as newer electronic handbrake systems takes up less space inside the cabin, allowing manufacturers more flexibility in packaging the car.


New Toyota Celica or MR2 likely to happen

By Deeq on 24 Sep 2018 in New model

Attached Image Toyota says it wants to build another sports car to join the upcoming fifth-generation Supra and the 86 in its lineup.

A new Celica or MR2 could fit the bill, according to a Wednesday report from Road and Track.
toyota, celica, mr2


Bikes, cars and planes race at Turkey's new airport

By Faiming_low on 24 Sep 2018 in Videos

Attached Image As part of the celebrations for the launch of Turkey's new airport in Istanbul, the officials held a drag race between cars, bikes and planes.
turkey airport, race, drag, jet and 4 more...

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