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New Infiniti Qs Inspiration concept previews future production model

Attached Image The Infiniti Qs Inspiration concept has been revealed at the Shanghai Motor Show, previewing an upcoming three-box sports saloon
The new Infiniti Qs Inspiration concept, which previews a new upcoming production model, has been officially revealed at the 2019 Shanghai Motor Show.
infiniti, concept, shanghai


Hot Mazda 3 might come true

By Faiming_low on 12 Apr 2019 in New model

Attached Image A new report has suggested a hot version of the new Mazda 3 might turn into reality. If true, the car could go on sale in 2021.


Mercedes-AMG GT R Pro reviewed by Carfection

By Faiming_low on 12 Apr 2019 in Videos

Attached Image The Mercedes-AMG GT R was never a soft car but the folks at Affalterbach think that there are people who want an even more focused car, giving birth to the newly-launched Mercedes-AMG GT R Pro.
mercedes, amg, gt r


MCF Hangout with Perodua

By SGCM_editorial on 11 Apr 2019

Attached Image More than 50 MyCarForum (MCF) members and Perodua guests, together with their partners and family, gathered at the Perodua showroom in Ubi on Saturday for another MCF Hangout with Perodua, and got up close and personal with the all new Perodua Myvi hatchback.

perodua, perodua myvi, mcf and 3 more...


New Mini JCW GP spotted near production form

By Faiming_low on 09 Apr 2019 in New model

Attached Image MINI's range-topping John Cooper Works GP has been spotted at the Nurburgring near production form. It is rumored to get 300bhp.


Rowan Atkinson's Mercedes 500E up for sale

By Faiming_low on 08 Apr 2019 in Other News

Attached Image Rowan Atkinson, or better known as Mr. Bean, has a Mercedes 500E up for sale. This is the second example he has put up for sale in the recent years.


U.K. Drivers not allowed to hang anything on their rear-view mirror

By Faiming_low on 08 Apr 2019

Attached Image If you think our rules in Singapore is too strict, check out U.K's latest ruling where you are not allowed to hang stuff on your rear view mirror.


MCF Hangout with Jetabout Holidays

By SGCM_editorial on 08 Apr 2019

Attached Image Over 60 MyCarForum (MCF) members gathered at CoSpace Park, at Science Park Road to attend the latest MCF Hangout with Jetabout Holidays. The event proved to be a learning opportunity to MCF members who want to head for self-drive holidays and tours in Tasmania.

mcf, mycarforum, hangout and 4 more...


Mick Schumacher does well on track with Formula 1 car

By Faiming_low on 04 Apr 2019 in Motorsports

Attached Image Mick Schumacher, son of multiple Formula 1 champion Michael Schumacher, got his first taste of a Formula 1 car recently at the Bahrain International Circuit.


Christian von Koenigsegg buys back own Mazda MX-5

By Faiming_low on 03 Apr 2019

Attached Image Using the Tesla Model S P85 as his daily drive, Christian von Koenigsegg surprisingly does not own any Koenigsegg despite being the boss of the company.


Here are some of Hyundai's smallest crossover leaked photos

By Faiming_low on 02 Apr 2019

Attached Image Here is a sneak peek at Hyundai's latest and smallest crossover model, the Venue. The car is set to debut at the New York Auto Show soon.


One Volkswagen Golf is sold every 41 seconds since its debut

By Faiming_low on 01 Apr 2019

Attached Image It has been 45 years since Volkswagen commenced production of the Golf and more than 35 million units have been sold worldwide since.


911 GT2 RS MR leaves Chris Harris deeply impressed

By Faiming_low on 01 Apr 2019

Attached Image Manthey Racing's Porsche 911 GT2 RS broke the production car lap record of the Nurburgring with a time of 6:40.3 last year. Chris Harris drives it in his latest video.


Carfection takes BMW M2 Competition for a spin

By Faiming_low on 29 Mar 2019 in Videos

Attached Image Carfection's Henry Catchpole has taken the new BMW M2 Competition out for a spin. Will the new engine or handling impress him?
video, review, bmw, m2comp and 1 more...


Nissan starts rebuilding RB26 engine blocks

By Faiming_low on 29 Mar 2019 in Modifications, Engine

Attached Image Last year, Nismo, Nissan's performance division, announced that said it would begin reproducing parts for some heritage models. And now we have some more good news for the Nissan enthusiasts.


Cars and Kopi - March 2019 edition

By Faiming_low on 29 Mar 2019 in Other News

Attached Image Last weekend saw a gathering of some very lovely cars at Dempsey. Called Cars and Kopi, the meet up attracted many car owners turned up in their pristine and well groomed cars.
cars and kopi, cars, kopi, coffee and 1 more...


Looks like Renault is going to build an even faster Megane R.S.

By Faiming_low on 28 Mar 2019 in New model

Attached Image Based on Renault's history, we can probably guess that there will be more hardcore versions of the Megane R.S. even after the Trophy variant.


Porsche's carbon ceramic brakes not suited for hard track use

By Faiming_low on 27 Mar 2019 in Other News

Attached Image A Porsche Australia senior technical representative has revealed that its optional carbon ceramic brakes aren’t suited for hard use on the track contrary to what we thought so.


Is Lightning McQueen actually based on a real car?

By Faiming_low on 26 Mar 2019 in Videos

Attached Image Voiced acted by Owen Wilson, Lightning McQueen is easily recognisable by all ages thanks to Pixar Animation Studios successful series, Cars.
mcqueen, pixar, lighting and 1 more...


Mercedes-Benz A35 AMG races four other rivals

By Faiming_low on 25 Mar 2019 in Videos

Attached Image Carwow has brought together the Mercedes-Benz A35 AMG and four of its rivals together for their usual series of performance tests. Will the current range topper of the A-Class be fast enough to fend off the current batch of hot hatches?
drag, a35, amg, mercedes, benz and 1 more...

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