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Hybrids need some grunt

By CheeJun on 26 Jan 2010

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As we are all familiar by now, hybrid cars run on both petrol engine and an electric motor. And this has caused a rather unusual problem. They're too quiet and that poses a source of danger to pedestrians like children or old people who can't really hear that well. Amazingly, hybrid cars such as the Prius only emit 30 decibels which is as loud as a Careless Whisperer.. The Japanese government is stepping in to tackle this new problem on their hands, one which they created for themselves in the interest of public safety and being environmentally friendly.
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New Sportage to carry on design heritage

By SYF77 on 26 Jan 2010

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The next generation Kia Sportage compact SUV has been given away through a series of designs that were made for the European Union's patent office. These patent images could be depicting an almost production-ready study destined for either the Geneva Salon in March or the Seoul Motor Show in April.
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A week in the life of an auto show model

By Ragingbull on 25 Jan 2010

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They're there at every car show and race event and apart from posing with cheeky groups of guys and putting up with some taking pictures at certain angles to take advantage of the high-leg skirt trim, it turns out they also have to entertain guys (and sometimes ladies) eager to exhibit their limited product knowledge by challenging these models with the stupidest questions about the car.

Little do they know that these long-legged beauties aren't just car-posing candy, they've actually been specially selected to be educated by the brand themselves about their newest cars and are let in on trade secrets of the specific car and also about rival brands. At least that's the overpowering reality that I seem to be understanding from a recent visit to a blog of one of the models from the Detroit Motorshow.


The Subaru Impreza scoop part II

By Rigval on 25 Jan 2010

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I had earlier posted an article on the Subaru Impreza WRX/WRX STI scoop and the various cars utilizing it. This modification is usually done by people to want to make their rides look like they have a gazillion horsepower under their hoods or that these cars really need the extra cooling due to 'having a top mounted intercooler' like an Impreza WRX. Maybe the Toyota Hilux in the picture I posted earlier is a turbo diesel with a top mount intercooler and the scoop is really useful in directing cool air where it is needed the most. But sometimes the scoop is just a dummy intake for the sole purpose of styling and looks. This is like the picture of the Proton Satria turbo conversion above, where the scoop is purely for looks as the intercooler is front mounted. The scoop is redundant.

While I do agree that it is their hard earned money and it is their democratic right to spend it on whatever they feel like doing, sometimes you do feel like someone should tell them not to. The following photo is an example of why you should do just that:
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The Toyobaru concept

By CheeJun on 24 Jan 2010

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This may be a rather messy name to remember, but I must say its one of the best looking Toyota's I've ever seen. Christened the FT-86 G Sports Concept, it is Toyota's first collaboration with Subaru. And this is what they've come up with so far.
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Fluent French

By SYF77 on 24 Jan 2010

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The motoring section of The Straits Times on 16 Jan 10 was featuring a list of cars that we can expect to see in 2010. There were already strong rumours for models such as the Opel Insignia, VW Golf R in making a debut in the new year. However, what caught my attention was the Renault Fluence, which I didn't know much about. Therefore, I did my little research....
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New Lamborghini Murcielago replacement spy pics

By CheeJun on 23 Jan 2010

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These are the first images that you can find of the pre-production, 225mph Lamborghini which will go on sale early next year with a price tag that is quite irrelevant since most of us won't be able to afford one. But if you do have about a million in your pocket, this is quite a feasible buy.
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BMW 3 series coupe/convertible gets a makeover

By SYF77 on 23 Jan 2010

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Although BMW's 3-series has been arguably considered one of the best buys in the automotive market for quite some time, the Bavarians are never satisfied.
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Peugeot is stepping it up...

By 911fan on 22 Jan 2010

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A few weeks ago, a former colleague of mine told me about Peugeot bringing in a very interesting piece some time this year. It wasn't until recently that she managed to give me a name for that new model. It's the Peugeot RCZ. The model name sounds more appropriate for one of my RC cars but that aside, the car is absolutely stunning!
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Some memories on the Toyota AE86 and news on the FT86

By Rigval on 22 Jan 2010

Attached Image The AE86 (1983-1987) model series of the Toyota Corolla Levin and Sprinter Trueno version was a small, lightweight coupe introduced by Toyota as part of the 5th generation Toyota Corolla line-up. The "AE86" model code was used to describe the whole model range regardless of Levin or Sprinter versions. In the Toyota model code of the period, the "A" represents the engine that came in the car (the 3A and 4A series) and the E86 represents the 6th revision of the fifth generation (E80 series) of the E model which is the Corolla. The visual difference between the Levin and Trueno is that the Levin had fixed-headlights and the latter had retractable headlights. The AE86 (along with the lower spec 1.5liter engined AE85 and 1.6liter SR5 versions) was rear wheel drive and is among the last rear-drive cars of its type, at a time when most passenger cars were being switched to front-drive due to cost effective and packaging reasons. In 1987 it was replaced by the front wheel drive AE92 Corolla/Sprinter range. The AE86 is also referred to as the Hachi-Roku; Japanese for "eight-six".
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Rated 'A1' headlights

By SYF77 on 21 Jan 2010

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Mini beware. Audi's upcoming A1 has it's sight literally set on you! Audi’s new MINI competitor will feature a daytime running light system similar to those found on it's family members, such as the R8, A4, etc.
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New engines for New Minis

By CheeJun on 21 Jan 2010

Attached Image: MINI_One_Convertible2.jpg
New Minis will be zipping around town this year. BMW owned Mini has announced a whole new range of engines for their new range of cars, most notably, the creation of the Mini One Convertible. The new Minis will feature improved petrol engines offering more power and torque without the usual drawbacks; meaning the environment will embrace the new engines as it has cleaner emissions and better fuel consumption. Minis have always been iconic, and now, with the new line-up, the leader of small hatchbacks is not looking to step down anytime soon.
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Everyone should try the Suzuki Swift Sport

By Rigval on 20 Jan 2010

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Someone mentioned Suzuki? I have to honestly say that the current Suzuki Swift Sports is a mighty fine supermini. The first time I drove it I was slightly taken aback by the slightly rubbery steering feel and the slightly high up sitting position. But the more and more I went back to the same corner with the Suzy things became much clearer. This little hatchback is really good. This was a car that reminded me of the time when hot hatches were small dainty cars with responsive and revvy engines coupled with handling to boot.

Classic hatchbacks that come to mind are the original Mk1 and Mk2 VW Golfs (surprise, surprise), the 4th Generation Honda Civic EF, the CRX EF (in some ways), the original Swift GTI and the Fiat 130TC. A notable new mention would be the BMW Mini Cooper S. Some of these cars were 'hot' long before some of you started to walk and they are in some ways the quintessential hot hatches. They were light, nimble small cars that had slightly powerful engines stuffed under their bonnets. Note that I said light, nimble and small. Cars like the Mk 4 and Mk5 Golf GTIs became a 30 something year old guy suffering from middle age spread around the tummy but due to some weight lifting and bulk, had the bhp and torque to still throw a punch; somewhat. Ergo the Swift Sport reminded me of the good ol' days.
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Wannabe racers. Should they be shot?

By CheeJun on 20 Jan 2010

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There are lots of reasons why people modify their cars. Some do it just to show off, some do it for performance on a track but some idiots plainly do so just to race on the streets thinking that they live in a world of Need For Speed Underground. My observation? These blokes drive dinosaurs which have been modded to look like a 'Rex'. And they are the worst kind.
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A glimpse at the newly opened roads in Singapore

By CheeJun on 19 Jan 2010

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There are 2 new road systems that have been opened on our shores and this is a glimpse at where these roads can take you...
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The softer side of Detroit Motorshow

By SYF77 on 19 Jan 2010

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While we get all excited about the new Focus, VW NCC concept, Audi e-Tron etc, let's not forget the lovely ladies that graced the event. They are like the decorative flowers beside the maincourse that makes a meal look more appealing.
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A better Bravo

By SYF77 on 18 Jan 2010

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Fiat has announced details on its 2010 Bravo hatch, which has received a few minor cosmetic revisions for the model year. On the outside, the Bravo's upper and lower front grilles have been re-trimmed and are now offered either in black or chrome finish while the headlamps on all models are smoked.
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The Nissan Cefiro A31

By Rigval on 18 Jan 2010

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Due to an article I wrote I recently had the experience of receiving almost fanatical persecution brought about by Volkswagen owners of the past, present and future; or shall I say the members of the VW cult. The response was great. It was basically, “If thou shalt not like Volkswagen as much as I, I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger.” I also managed to get spelling corrections, from Volkswagen driving English school teachers, proof-readers and lawyers who have excellent command of English but had somehow managed to miss the whole point of the article. Oh, the passion for the People's Car. But on with the show. Let's talk about another cult. A cult drift car. The Nissan Cefiro A31.
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Russian sports car maker might just have a winner on their hands

By Ragingbull on 17 Jan 2010

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Marussia is it's name and no matter how they've tried to make the car seem harmless and dainty in their promotional efforts, the name of the company and the design language the car speaks never stops reminding you that the car is born in mother Russia. And most likely would run you to the ground if you stopped by the showroom and didn't end up signing on those dotted lines for one.
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Honda CRZ is officially launched at the 2010 Detroit Auto Show

By Rigval on 17 Jan 2010

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Yes. Honda has officially launched the CRZ at the 2010 Detroit Auto Show. The specs are as per my earlier posting on the car but one surprising item is the fuel economy of this hybrid vehicle. 31mpg city/38mpg highway are pretty disappointing figures. So if you think you're helping the environment by running one of these babies you're not. A small city car like a Daihatsu Mira or the Perodua Viva would burn less fossil fuel than the admittedly more stylish CRZ. I don't think Honda is trying hard enough. I still have to say that the bad mileage is due to those extra heavy batteries. If you tried lifting the battery of your current petrol powered car you'd see my point.

While the current generation of electric hybrid car batteries are smaller, lighter and more efficient than the average battery of a car, you still need dozens of them packed together and that increases the weight in a car. Hence the lame performance figures and even lamer fuel consumption figures you see published. So fun, sporty, low slung coupe the CRZ is, in certain ways, but not in performance and economy. It looks closer in performance to the Honda Insight, not a Honda CRX. Where's that 2.0 liter VTEC engine, Honda?
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