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The time has come for supercars to go green

By Ragingbull on 02 Mar 2010

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And it's finally here, undeniably one of the more famous supercar brands on the market has finally unveiled their green supercar based on the Ferrari 599.
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Honda's CR-Z goes Type R

By CheeJun on 02 Mar 2010

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Hybrids never fail to bore people unless they're nerds who love to talk all day about how they work or compare how many batteries their hybrid has. However, Honda's revelation of the CR-Z changed the world's perception of hybrids. What used to be stereotyped as slow and aesthetically boring is now sporty and rather handsome. Now there are plans to create another version to stuff the shoes into the mouths of hardcore petrol-heads, behold the CR-Z Type R.
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Mercedes-Benz F800 Style Concept

By SYF77 on 02 Mar 2010

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These are the first official photos of the Mercedes-Benz F800 Style 'four-door coupe' study, surfaced ahead of the concept model's debut at the Geneva Motor Show on March 2.
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Hyundai's new Santa Fe changes its face - somewhat

By Ragingbull on 01 Mar 2010

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What constitutes a face lift?

Have you seen the updated Santa Fe here?

In all it's Korean glory, 8 out of 10 people I asked couldn't point out what was so different about the SUV from the last one.
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Toughen up VW Polo

By SYF77 on 01 Mar 2010

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Along with the Bluemotion and GTI Polo models, Volkswagen will also be staging the latest generation CrossPolo, which is a beefed up version of the Polo. It sports black plastic molding around the wheel arches, across the sills and bottom of each door, as well as on the front and rear bumpers. The front bumper gets a honeycomb treatment for the lower air intake and light silver trim at the bottom suggests the presence of underbody protection. Also included are the CrossPolo's trademark silver anodized roof rails and handsome 17-inch two-tone wheels.
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The argument against the A1's different coloured pillars.

By Rigval on 01 Mar 2010

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So we now have heard that Audi is about to enter the premium small car market with the Audi A1. The current market leaders of this market segment are the BMW Mini, the Fiat 500 and to some extent the Alfa Mito. These cars allow car manufacturers to charge a whole lot more for the same small package and of course, Audi being the premium marque in the VW-Audi stable is their contender. But after scrutinizing the pictures it is my opinion that Audi is trying too hard with those flowing A to C pillar 'different colour from the body' scheme.
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Nissan's Geneva Motor Show display items in a nutshell

By Rigval on 28 Feb 2010

Attached Image - The 370z Roadster. This picture is here as the other cars aren't interesting enough to be put up first.

Hello folks. This is what Nissan will be debuting or showing off to the general public at the upcomming Geneva Motorshow (4th to the 14th of March 2010), and the only thing I can do is yawn. Heres a summary:
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The new Jaguar XK

By CheeJun on 28 Feb 2010

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Like all Jaguars, the new XK looks like its in a class of its own. With curves which appear to be inspired by the Aston Martin One-77, and that new grille from the XF, the old 'Spitfire Wing' oval shape which dates back to the E-type of the 1960s will be retired to make way for this all new sheetmetal and grille design. The new Jag will be on sale to the public from 2013.
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Proton unveils hybrid concept

By CheeJun on 26 Feb 2010

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One of the biggest surprises yet. Proton has revealed that they will be sending a Hybrid Concept to the Geneva Motor Show. And the news gets even better, this particular concept was penned in collaboration with Giugiaro, the Italian designer who has nothing short of an illustrious portfolio with the beautiful Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint GT in 1972 to the 159 we know today, even the first Golf and Scirocco was penned by the great man. Of course it wasn't just done by him alone, but by his company. And now, there's the Hybrid Concept from Proton. Will that be a spot of rust on his gleaming trophy of designer excellence?
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Pagani's new monster, the C9

By CheeJun on 26 Feb 2010

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Nothing instills more fear and intimidation on the roads than the bodies of carbon fibre that leave Pagani's factories. And now, after 10 years, the Zonda is about to be retired and in its place, the C9 will continue to give Ferrari and Lamborghini a run for their money.
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Behold the VW Polo GTI

By CheeJun on 25 Feb 2010

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Here are the first images of what the new Volkswagen Polo GTI will look like and it will be unveiled in the flesh at next month's Geneva Motor Show. It definitely looks like it deserves the GTI badge, and goes like one too.
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V6 Porsche Panamera set to debut

By SYF77 on 25 Feb 2010

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Porsche has announced plans to introduce the entry-level Panamera at the Beijing Motor Show on 23 April. Virtually identical to the Panamera S, the V6 Panamera is differentiated by a dual exhaust system (instead of a four-tailpipe unit), black window trim, and other minor exterior details.
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Fastest way to get your hair restyled

By SYF77 on 24 Feb 2010

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If you have enough dough, you may wish to engage the all-new Bentley Continental Supersports Convertible for the fastest hair restyling job. This new convertible is billed as the fastest and most powerful drop-top that Bentley ever produced, as well as the quickest four-seat convertible in the world. It is not hard to understand why this is so when you have a twin-turbocharged W12 engine under its hood. This is the same unit found on the Continental Supersports Coupe. It produces 621 bhp at 6,000 rpm and 800Nm of torque at 2,000-4,500 rpm.
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New entry level Lotus Elise

By SYF77 on 24 Feb 2010

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The Elise is entering the 2011 model year with a host of updates including styling and mechanical tweaks, as well as the introduction of a new entry-level model with a Toyota-sourced 1.6-liter gasoline engine.
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Peugeot "5" concept car

By SYF77 on 23 Feb 2010

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Peugeot will be unveiling an almost production ready version their upcoming 508 sedan at the Geneva Motor Show next month. The new model will replace the 407 and 607 beginning in 2011.
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Stress free driving in Malaysia for the holidays

By Rigval on 23 Feb 2010

Attached Image - Malaysian Route 1 (near Tampin, Negeri Sembilan)- Or the old road from Kuala Lumpur to Johor Bahru. Traffic jam free on Chinese New Year's day.

Although this would be slightly belated, I'd like to wish all the readers of myautoblog a Happy belated Chinese New Year. Now some of you may have traveled up north into Malaysia during the holidays either for the traditional reunion or for some well deserved R&R. But traveling in Malaysia during any festive season tends to be a little tiresome and stressful. This is because everyone takes advantage of the holidays to go somewhere. Whether to their hometown, some holiday destination or just to travel to that certain prawn mee shop a few hundred kilometers from where they are at just to find some good food. It is because of this and the fact that Malaysia registers at least 150,000 cars a year and at each household has an average of one car or two per house.
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Dual VVT-I Toyota Corolla Altis

By SYF77 on 22 Feb 2010

Attached Image: toyota_corolla_altis_20v_001.jpg
Toyota added a sportier Toyota Corolla Altis with a 2.0 liter engine to its Corolla Altis line-up in Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines in mid 2009. According to a report on The Straits Times dated 13 Feb 2010, it looks like this new variant may make its debut in the Singapore market this year, together with a mid life facelift. The 3ZR-FE powerplant features Dual VVT-i (variable valves for both the intake and exhaust).
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Snow driving in Sweden! Part 1

By Ragingbull on 22 Feb 2010

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Think Scandinavian rally driver.

That's what I was (or rather trying to be) for the three special days I spent up in snow country, Sweden. Tucked away in a small area of town called Arjeplog, the small community of inhabitants grow to almost double it's size during the winter months when people from other parts of the world head over to occupy their winter homes and tourists like myself who attend driving courses by the various car brands (I had breakfast across the room from the gang from AMG).

So besides IKEA and Swedish meatballs, Sweden, especially when the mercury decides to plunge well below in the negative region, have been known to have one of the most ideal conditions for a special group of people - Car Testers. These individuals, mostly made up of engineers, come from all over the world with their specially analytically-equipped laptops to test their brand's new models behaviour in such extreme weather conditions in Sweden.
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Here's a pick-up truck you'd want to own

By CheeJun on 20 Feb 2010

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Pick-up trucks. Well they aren't usually the most favourable mode of transport for most people because if you were to buy a vehicle it would usually be a car or an MPV. Pickups never really crossed your mind unless you really had a need for it, for instance if you were in the construction business or if your work involved transporting huge items which a normal boot can't fit. But Volkswagen recently revealed the Amarok which actually means 'Wolf' in the Inuit language, or 'he loves stones' in romance languages of South America. Whatever you want to interpret the name as, you can't deny the fact that this looks ready for any natural disaster you throw at it.
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Mazda's new roadster: The MX-2

By CheeJun on 20 Feb 2010

Attached Image: mazada_mx2_f.jpg
The all time classic can now look forward to a smaller brother, the Mazda MX-2. Set to be unveiled in 2012, the new addition to the Mazda family is definitely going to create waves, especially among the fans of the current Mazda MX-5. If this new family member is going to be as good as or better than the already timeless MX-5, the affordable, lightweight convertible sports-car market is going to be overwhelmed by this new baby.
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