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Long road ahead for alternative fuels

By Blogger on 11 Mar 2010

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Image: The Tesla Roadster, an electric sports car

Alternative fuels for vehicles have, in recent years, become one of the most hyped topics in motoring. The frequency which it is mentioned in the media or by politicians may seem to suggest that alternative fuels are the future of motoring and marks the way forward. At the risk of sounding like an idiot (should I be proved wrong by future events), I proffer my opinion - alternative fuels will not become mainstream in our near future; in fact, I might die before that happens (I am 26, by the way).
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Facelifted Toyota Vios

By SYF77 on 10 Mar 2010

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Toyota has just released the facelifted Vios in Thailand. The timing couldn't have been more appropriate with the onslaught of the Mazda 2 sedan, and the upcoming Ford Fiesta sedan. Externally, the cosmetic changes include a revised grille, rear tail lamp and chromed boot lid. The 1.5L VVTI unit with 4 speed transmission in the current Vios continues to power the facelifted model.
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Toyota needs to rediscover their fundamentals and stop building Unclemobiles

By Rigval on 10 Mar 2010

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- the Unclemobile that has been in the limelight due to faulty accelerator pedals in left hand drive form.

Today I was bored. I came home from my day job, made myself a cup of tea as usual, ate dinner with the family and decided that I would write something that would basically bore the heck out of me on a regular day. But since I was already feeling bored, writing about a company like Toyota couldn't make the day any duller.

Toyota is currently reeling from the blows it had sustained from all the recalls it had to make from faulty accelerator pedals that have purportedly killed a lot of people, mainly Americans. It has learned that in its relentless quest to be the world's number one car manufacturer it has slackened on its quality and safety of its products.
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Volkswagen replaces its 7 seater

By SYF77 on 09 Mar 2010

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Volkswagen has pulled the curtain off its latest 7 seater at Geneva - The all new Sharan. It is a timely replacement as the existing model is looking like an antique, and the replacement sports the new VW corporate 'face'.
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Hyundai flows into the future

By SYF77 on 09 Mar 2010

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If you are impressed by the design philosophy of the new Hyundai Sonata, be ready to be thrilled by what the Korean maker could offer going forward. Hyundai presented to the world the i-flow concept car in Geneva, not only as a possible design study for the company's future products, but also as a testing ground for technological innovations.
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Three Hybrids, a Proton, a Ferrari and a Porsche at the Geneva Motor Show

By Rigval on 08 Mar 2010

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- the Porsche 918 Spyder Concept. A 718ps all wheel drive hybrid supercar.

Recently we have read or heard that Proton has come up with a hybrid/electric/something green prototype of a car that basically resembles a box on wheels. The designed by Italdesign-Giugiaro is supposedly an achievement in how a car should be packaged. It looks like either an elongated SMART Fortwo or a shortened Mercedes A-class. So the actual innovative thing is that the Proton concept EMAS is that its a environmentally friendly car made by a company that is a few decades old instead of one which is a hundred or so years old. A milestone for quite a young company I suppose.
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A new Nissan Micra (March) marches on

By SYF77 on 08 Mar 2010

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At long last, Nissan has finally uncovered the all new Nissan Micra (March) at the 80th Geneva Motor Show. I believe the existing generation has been around for at least the past 6 years - quite a long production lifespan. Developed and built on Nissan's all-new V-platform, the Japanese supermini goes global with production set to take place at several overseas manufacturing sites including Thailand, India, Mexico and China. Expect Singapore's March to be sourced from the land of thousand smiles.
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New Fiat Abarths at Geneva

By Rigval on 07 Mar 2010

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We've recently seen Fiat launch the 500 C recently, the convertible version of this ever popular premium city car as well as the face lifted Punto Evo. Fiat is having a renaissance of sorts with both cars as they are selling well in most of Fiat's major markets. The 500 is a real premium small city car that I enjoy sitting in, although I find the driving position a little too high up. It is small, cozy and the materials used in the interior are nice of look at, and nice to touch. It is nothing like the really ultra cheap plastics found in the Panda which the 500's chassis was derived from. The Punto Evo is the facelifted model of the Punto Grande whereby Fiat has removed the Maserati-esque front end. Of course, while Fiat is sold in Singapore, the current distributor seems to have a tough time creating sales as well as maintaining brand presence and awareness. This is usually the problem when a brand goes absent for a period of time. But I really do wish the Abarth models are sold here in this region. The new ones that are set to appear at the Geneva Motor Show look fabulous.
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New safety vehicle for F1

By SYF77 on 07 Mar 2010

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Behold guys, this is not your usual slow moving safety vehicle seen during your army days. Sometimes, speed equals safety. Perhaps nowhere else is that more true than on a racetrack when you're piloting the so-called safety car and you've got a pack of Formula One cars riding up your tailpipe. The good thing is that the newest safety car to be used for F1 duty is the 571-horsepower Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG.
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Details of Lexus CT200h

By SYF77 on 05 Mar 2010

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The CT200h is Lexus' first attempt at building a "full hybrid" model, which means that the car can be driven exclusively in all-electric mode. The Lexus CT200h is the much-toned-down production model of the LF-Ch concept shown last year.
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Chevrolet Aveo? Is that you?

By Ragingbull on 05 Mar 2010

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What you're staring at in disbelief is Chevrolet's Aveo RS Concept car. A little out of the fantasy books but if you tear away the aggressive bumpers, ridiculously large rims and the center exhausts at the rear, you're essentially looking at Chevrolet's next generation Aveo.
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How about a fairer road tax?

By Blogger on 04 Mar 2010

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It is widely acknowledged that our road tax system is heavily skewed in favor of the small engine capacity car. I will not bore you guys with the detailed mathematical formula of the road tax system here on our sunny island (you can read about it here). It will suffice to say that any car with an engine capacity larger than 1,600cc is likely to face a pretty hefty road tax bill. A 3,000cc car attracts an annual road tax of $2,386 compared to $744 for a 1,600cc one. The road tax on the 3,000cc car can pay for both my road tax and insurance with a couple of hundreds to spare! With such a policy in place, it doesn't take a genius to figure out which cars will sell best in Singapore. No wonder Kah Motors brought in the 1,600cc Civic specially for the Singapore market!
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Kia's next hit: The new Magentis

By CheeJun on 04 Mar 2010

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They just keep getting better. These are the first official images of what the new Kia Magentis will look like and who is to say that it can be anything close to being ugly?
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And now for something totally indecent. The Gemballa Ferrari Enzo MIG-U1

By Rigval on 04 Mar 2010

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Lets look at something which will cost a lot more than a Saab, look more outrageous than a Saab and completely sell all of its 25 allocated production units within a few months, which I suppose is the same amount Saab sells in Singapore in the same time frame. The Gemballa MIG-U1 Enzo.

You would be buying a car that basically destroys the donor Ferrari Enzo by adding wide arches and wider tracks (body kit and rims, a body kit & roof scoop included), red quilted interior (I like), 40 extra horsepower Ė 650 to 690bhp, new rims & tires and a taller Impreza/Evolution/Type R spoiler. The extreme aero package adds additional kilos of downforce front (35kg) and rear (85kg) over the stock Enzo and it looks like a Transformers robot with its black and white colour scheme.
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More about Saab: Spkyer's plan for the brand

By Rigval on 03 Mar 2010

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I love blogging about Saab. Saab is the car most of us know about, we say that it has some performance and some quality but we donít really know anyone who buys them personally. Now recently, Spkyer, the new owners of the brand had announced their plans for Saab. Basically in a nutshell it reads like this:

- The new 9-5 will be officially launched summer 2010.
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Red hot Audi RS5 set for Geneva debut

By SYF77 on 03 Mar 2010

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Those waiting for a high performance variant of the sexy A5 will have to wait no more. The RS5 is set to make its debut at the Geneva Motorshow in about 2 weeks' time but images from its brochure have already made their way onto the web.
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The time has come for supercars to go green

By Ragingbull on 02 Mar 2010

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And it's finally here, undeniably one of the more famous supercar brands on the market has finally unveiled their green supercar based on the Ferrari 599.
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Honda's CR-Z goes Type R

By CheeJun on 02 Mar 2010

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Hybrids never fail to bore people unless they're nerds who love to talk all day about how they work or compare how many batteries their hybrid has. However, Honda's revelation of the CR-Z changed the world's perception of hybrids. What used to be stereotyped as slow and aesthetically boring is now sporty and rather handsome. Now there are plans to create another version to stuff the shoes into the mouths of hardcore petrol-heads, behold the CR-Z Type R.
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Mercedes-Benz F800 Style Concept

By SYF77 on 02 Mar 2010

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These are the first official photos of the Mercedes-Benz F800 Style 'four-door coupe' study, surfaced ahead of the concept model's debut at the Geneva Motor Show on March 2.
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Hyundai's new Santa Fe changes its face - somewhat

By Ragingbull on 01 Mar 2010

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What constitutes a face lift?

Have you seen the updated Santa Fe here?

In all it's Korean glory, 8 out of 10 people I asked couldn't point out what was so different about the SUV from the last one.
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