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Sweet dreams are made of these

By FaezClutchless on 27 Feb 2012

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There are plenty of home furnishing items available today that would easily attract a petrol head. From “racing seat” office chairs, engine block coffee tables and up to decorative movie car posters. Recently, there has been a trend of custom made car themed beds and I believe they would definitely fit into every petrol head’s bedroom, regardless if there are adults or even children.

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In my opinion, a bed is one of the most important home furnishing item a person would use everyday as it is the place where we normally take a rest after a hard day of work or play. And if you are crazy about cars, then it is ideal if your bed is made to look like one. Here are some examples of car themed beds that a dignified petrol head would want to add to their homes.

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Firstly, let’s start with the Volkswagen bus double-decker bed (pictured above). This particular bed was constructed by an instructables.com user who made it for his three year old nephew. The bed is based on a Volkswagen bus and it can fit a single size mattress at the upper deck and a play area at the lower half. Pretty good for a self made item.

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Next is this Corvette Z06 bed. This particular bed was made by a company called Step2 and is not just a bed but a whole bedroom set. The size of the bed is rather small since it was designed to hold young children but it can expand and would be able to accommodate a teenager or a small sized adult (too bad for those big sized guys). The bed comes with optional working headlights and to accompany the bed are two similar Corvette themed dresser and storage box.

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Next is the Volkswagen Beetle “Herbie” bed. This bed, including the Mercedes “car wash” bed (top most picture) is from a hotel in Stuttgart, Germany. The hotel is called The V8 Hotel and it was build inside the old Boeblingen Airport. The hotel has 34 rooms and 10 of them have their own unique interior which is based on automotive themes. The beds are custom made and the whole room is specifically decorated with items according to their individual themes.

The hotel also has a three level suite built within the airport’s old control tower and for those who are willing to splurge a little more, guests can opt for a 1300 square foot Zeppelin suite that features a sauna and views over the old airport grounds.

A bed is one of the last thing I would look forward to at the end of the day and for those petrol heads who wish to add a special touch to their beds, maybe they can get one specially made to rest their tired body.

Photo credit: instructables.com and asylum.com

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Written by FaezClutchless
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