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Subaru EyeSight driver assistance system

By FaezClutchless on 28 Mar 2012

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Roughly A decade ago, technologies like adaptive cruise control, lane departure warning and pedestrian detection are normally found on high-end/luxury models but things have changed nowadays as more automakers have equipped their lower-end or entry level models with such features. And Subaru is one of them as the company has introduced their new EyeSight driver assistance system which will appear on the 2013 Legacy and Outback.

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Subaru recently announced their EyeSight system which the company will officially debut at the 2012 New York Auto Show. The Eyesight system integrates adaptive cruise control, pre-collision braking and vehicle lane departure warning. The system can also detect obstacles in front of a parked car and limit potential damage in an impact.

Let see how the system works.

EyeSight uses two charge-coupled device (CCD) cameras and they are mounted inside the car on the upper edge of the windshield. The system processes stereo images to identify the vehicles travelling in front as well as obstacles, traffic lanes and other items. The images are then sent to the Eyesight’s computer, which is also networked to the car’s braking system and electronic throttle control.

When the vehicle is travelling below speeds of 30km/h, the EyeSight system is capable of detecting pedestrians in the vehicle’s path and if there is an object in the vehicle’s path, the system will slow the vehicle down. Under certain circumstances, the system (together with the pre-collision braking control) is able to bring the car to a complete stop, thus avoiding a collision.

The lane departure warning feature is able to detect if the car begins to wander out of the intended lane (when the turn signal is not being used) or if the car begins to sway within the travel lane. Using the turn signal cancels the warning.

The system’s adaptive cruise control is intended for highway usage. It maintains a safe distance with the vehicle in front and is operational from 1 – 140km/h. the system can full brake the car if it “locks on” to a vehicle ahead. Additionally, the adaptive cruise control system also assists the driver in “stop and go” traffic conditions by maintaining the distance with the vehicle ahead. This will reduce driver fatigue and keep them more alert.

Other additional Eyesight system benefits includes of alerting the driver (in heavy traffic conditions) when the vehicle ahead has moved if the driver has not reacted. The system is also able to cut the throttle when it senses an obstacle even if the accelerator pedal is being pressed. The system can also warn the driver if he or she accidentally engage the gear knob to Drive when they intend to reverse instead.

Subaru has mentioned that the EyeSight system is not designed as a substitute for driver’s attention to the road. The system may not work or react under certain conditions such as during heavy rain.

As mentioned above, Subaru will officially introduce the EyeSight system on two of its upcoming 2013 models which is the Legacy and the Outback at the 2012 New York Auto Show. The system will subsequently appear on the company’s other models gradually.

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