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Toyota 86 TRD and Subaru BRZ news

By FaezClutchless on 31 Mar 2012

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The triplet siblings of the Toyota 86, Subaru BRZ and Scion FR-S are the most anticipated Japanese sports cars in recent years. Why would I say that? Basically, Toyota has not offered a sports coupe model ever since the early 2000s and this has made JDM lovers more excited over it. Toyota has built desirable sport coupes since the 1960s, from the 2000GT to the Supra, and these cars are sought after by many enthusiasts all around the world.

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These enthusiasts love them not because of their performance but more on its simplicity and some would swear that these cars handle so sweetly. Enough talk about cars of the past and let us continue on what Toyota and Subaru has in store for the 86 and BRZ.

Letís start with the 86 first. Since the car is a sports coupe model, it is natural for aftermarket tuners to come up with parts and accessories for the 86 and Toyotaís in-house tuning division, TRD, has done exactly that. TRD has offered future 86 owners with a slew of aftermarket parts which includes a bodykit, exhaust system, brake kit, suspension system and many more.

The Youtube video below shows the TRD version of the 86 being tested and judging from the exhaust note, it sounds pretty good (in my opinion).

Next up, news about the 86ís sibling, the Subaru BRZ. Some time ago, the BRZ 100km/h timing was tested by online car magazine, Edmundís Inside Line. The timing for that particular test was 7.3 seconds and that looks and sounds rather disappointing.

Fans of the BRZ should not despair because another 0-60mph test was conducted by Motor Trend magazine and the new and better timing is at 6.4 seconds. Why is there an almost one second difference?

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Inside Line has explained that the BRZ did not manage to hit 60 mph in second gear and the limiter kicks in at 95.3 km/h. Therefore, it was necessary to shift into third gear to complete the test. However, the guys at Motor Trend did not mention anything about this issue.

Whatever it is, we just have to wait and see after the car is released. From there, more people or garages will test the car to see what it is really like.

Lastly, in December last year, I wrote about Subaruís plan to release a more powerful version of the BRZ and it will be turbocharged. A powerful version of the car is definitely in the works but sadly, it will not be turbocharged. According to Subaruís head of global marketing, Atoshi Atake, the company will satisfy customerís needs for a powerful version of the BRZ but it will not be turbocharged and the BRZ STI Concept might not happen (shown at the LA Auto Show last year).

Atake also added that the most powerful version of the car will have a tweaked exhaust and intake and the company will keep turbochargers for models like the WRX STI.

Photo credit: carrolodex.com and Net Car Show

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Written by FaezClutchless
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I will patiently wait for COE to drop to below $20,000 before I can afford sad.gif
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