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Mercedes to participate in the Australian V8 Supercars Series

By FaezClutchless on 26 Sep 2012

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Some of us would have already read about Nissan's entry into the 2013 Australian V8 Supercars Championship.

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Previously, only Ford and Holden race their cars in the above mentioned racing competition. But now, things are going to be a little more exciting as another automaker is set to enter in the racing championship.

Mercedes Benz has announced that they will participate in the 2013 Australian V8 Supercars Championship season. The German automaker will field three E63 sedans and Mercedes will be represented by a private team known as Erebus Motorsport.

As mentioned above, Ford and Holden traditionally battle it out in the racing series, although other automakers have participated in its earlier days. Ever since the organisers came up with its Car of the Future regulations, more automakers find it easier to join the racing event.

While engine and body styling are unique to each team, part of the regulation states that all cars participating will have to use a common "single control chassis". Ford and Holden will depend on their American V8 engines, Mercedes will be using a modified version of the V8 engine that is found in the SLS AMG. And the other new participant, Nissan, will use a modified V8 engine that is found in some of its Infiniti and Nissan models.

The E63's stock engine is not allowed due to the rules stating that the engine has to be a naturally aspirated unit and not more than 5 litres in displacement.

The engines must have an rpm limit of between 7,000 and 7,500 rpm, an engine output of around 650bhp and a torque curve that is balanced with its rivals.

Erebus Motorsport will not be getting any factory support from Mercedes but AMG will sell much of its components to the team so that they can build their new race cars.

Erebus Motorsport is owned by businesswoman and Mercedes fan, Betty Klimenko, and the company already has a pair of SLS AMG cars racing in the Aussie GT Championships.

The three E63 AMG race cars are still going through some developments but they should be ready in time for the 2013 season in February. Although Mercedes Benz has no affiliation with the team, they have wished Erebus Motorsport well in its ventures.

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