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Cars in microcar museum to be auctioned off

By FaezClutchless on 02 Oct 2012

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A microcar museum in Georgia, USA will be auctioning off its entire collection of microcars in February next year. For those who are not familiar with the term “microcar,” a microcar is an automobile that is, relatively, very small in size. And they are smaller than city cars.

The museum that I have mentioned above is known as The Bruce Weiner Microcar Museum. Bruce Weiner is the owner of the museum and its collection. Weiner has spent over 15 years amassing a huge collection of microcars. Currently the museum has around two hundred microcars but previously the museum had more of such cars.

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Subaru 360

Bruce Weiner made his fortune in the bubble gum business (he’s an executive of Dubble Bubble gum) and started to collect microcars as a hobby. And soon that hobby turned into a very large collection and he opened the microcar museum. Weiner searched the entire planet to find the best, rarest and unusual microcar examples.

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Messerschmitt KR175

The microcar collection in the museum primarily focuses on such cars that were built from the late 1940s and till pre-1964 with engine displacement of 0.7-litres or less. And they must have two doors or less. Weiner’s museum has the only complete collection of Messerschmitt microcars. Messerschmitt was a German airplane manufacturer.

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Peel P50

After the Second World War, Messerschmitt was not allowed to manufacture planes and they started building microcars instead. On top of that, the place has several more familiar microcars such as the BMW Isetta, the Peel P50 (the smallest production car ever made) and also Subaru’s air-cooled (and cute-looking) 360.

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BMW Isetta

According to Weiner, the reason why his collection is up for sale is because he wants to share them. He also added that his collection has brought him much joy over the years and in order to fully appreciate it, he needs to do the above mentioned.

The auction, which will be organised by RM Auctions, will take place on the February 15 – 16, 2013. In the meantime; business at the museum is as usual and if you were to visit the United States soon, you might want to visit the museum before all of its collection disappears.

Photo credit: Bruce Weiner Microcar Museum

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