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Toyota and Subaru new sports coupe plagued with problems

By FaezClutchless on 07 Oct 2012

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When buying a brand new car; someone, either a friend or family member would probably have said this to you. “Never buy the first year production of any car. That is when all the problems and issues not found during pre-production testing tend to appear.”

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The above mentioned remark is probably true because this type of problem is currently plaguing Toyota and Subaru. Both Japanese automakers are currently grappling with reports of rough idling and engine stalling issues for the Subaru BRZ and Scion FR-S sports coupe.

Early owners of both models in the States are facing the above mentioned issues which are said to be related to the ECU programming. Both companies have their version to these issues. According to Toyota, the Scion FR-S (the equivalent to the Toyota 86 except for some minor differences) has a faulty connection between the ECU and the engine itself.

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When the problem occurs, the ECU will give out error codes which results in the rough idling and/or stalling issues. Toyota also has claimed that the FR-S ECU settings will freeze after the first 160km and the automaker has offered two solutions to rectify the problems.

If the car has less than a hundred miles on it, the ECU will be re-flashed and if it has covered more than one hundred miles then the automaker will replace the ECU with a new one.

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However, Subaru has a different version to these issues. Subaru has strongly agreed that the problems lie with the connection between the ECU and the engine but they believe that mileage has got nothing to do with it. And so, Subaru is only offering an ECU re-flash for BRZ owners who encounter these problems.

Owners of affected cars are not really satisfied with the solutions pertaining to the problems. On fan site, FT86club, there are over 100 registered complaints about the problem. Some have mentioned that even after an ECU fix, the problem still persists while others mention that mechanical components such as cam gears and cam shaft bearings are being replaced by dealers in order to fix the issues.

Whatever the issue is, both Toyota and Subaru declined to reveal how many cars are affected or whether does this issue affects only those being sold in the United States.

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