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The world’s lowest road worthy car

By FaezClutchless on 12 Oct 2012

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Images of a car with a really low height have been circulating on the internet recently. The car may look like something you might buy from a toy store for a small child. But in fact, the car is allowed to be driven on the road and it has broken the Guinness World Record for being the lowest road worthy car.

The car is known as the Mirai (which means future in Japanese) and it was built by a group of students and teachers from Japan. The Mirai measures just 45.2 centimetres off the ground and as mentioned above, it was entered into the 2013 Guinness World Record Book for being the lowest road worthy car.

The Mirai was created and built by students and teachers from the Okayama Sanyo High School in Asakuchi, Japan. The students and teachers are from the automobile engineering department of the school. A total of nine teachers and twelve students spent several months planning on how to build the car and they took around one year to finally assemble it.

The car was initially planned to run on ordinary gasoline but it was later changed to feature an electric motor. The car runs on six batteries. The car’s motors and controlling components are from another electric car, the Q-Car which is produced by a Japanese company, CQ Motors.

Parts from a motorcycle were used for the Mirai’s switching console. Many parts from the car such as the chassis, body, suspension and seats were made at the school.

The school’s principal has mentioned that the car has it disadvantages. He commented that it can be scary while driving the car on a wide street, especially if the speed goes above 40km/hr, because the road is very close to the driver’s eye point. And at times the driver might feel afraid that they will get run over by other bigger vehicles.

The previous record for the lowest road worthy car was 53.34 centimetres and it was built by a man from the United Kingdom. He used a 1989 Fiat 126 and spent only a few days turning it into a tiny convertible.

As for me, the only good thing I can think of right now for the Mirai is to use it for to avoid all the highway toll booths and car park gantries and the driver has to remember to duck.

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