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350bhp and an active differential for the next Focus RS

By FaezClutchless on 16 Oct 2012

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The Ford Focus RS is one mean performance machine. In standard form, the car delivers 300bhp with 440Nm of torque and it can complete the century sprint in less than six seconds. For those who crave for more power, they can opt for the Ford Focus RS500. Its power has been upgraded to 345bhp with a torque of 460Nm and with a 0-100km/h timing of 5.6 seconds.

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Now it seems that the next standard Ford Focus RS will be even more powerful than the previous model's top grade sub-model. It is reported that the new model will get 350bhp, a whopping 50bhp from the previous generation model.

Earlier reported this year, the car was said to get around 320bhp but the automaker has managed to churn out a little more. All that power will come from Ford’s latest 2.3-litre, four cylinder EcoBoost engine. To compare it with the previous model's engine, it has one less cylinder and 200cc smaller in displacement.

Looks pretty impressive for such an engine. The engine is said to be also featured in the upcoming next generation Ford Mustang. With additional power added to the car, Ford might consider introducing an active differential for the new car.

A high powered front wheel drive car comes with copious amount of torque steer and getting used to it takes some time practising. By using an active front differential, it will eliminate torque steer greatly and improve traction over a wide range of conditions. This will make the car easier to drive and handle better on track.

Some might argue that Ford could just give the car an all wheel drive set-up but the company’s current Haldex-type all wheel drive set-ups are front wheel biased. That will make a hot hatch like the Focus RS less appropriate for tight race tracks. Furthermore, the Focus has always been a front wheel drive car and giving it an all wheel drive set-up will add unnecessary weight and costs.

The next Ford Focus RS is rumoured to be released in 2014 and it will feature a wider track than before and also a rally inspired bodykit.

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