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Volvo launches Heritage Club for high mileage cars

By FaezClutchless on 29 Oct 2012

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Volvo cars are built like a tank. We have probably heard someone mentioning this to us. Older Volvo cars are known to be durable and long lasting, provided it is well taken care of. And since there are examples of such cars, Volvo has created a Heritage Club in the United States for high mileage cars.

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The club was created in order to recognise Volvo owners’ penchant in keeping their cars for long periods. In order to be accepted into the club, a person has to own a Volvo product for ten consecutive years or to have a Volvo with over 100,000 miles on it.

Members of the club will receive a medallion for their car. The medallion will recognise either the Volvo’s mileage milestone or the owner’s number of years of consecutive membership. Members will also get special privileges such as previews of new Volvo products and invitations to Volvo events.

Let’s take a look at a couple of Volvo cars that has reached high miles on the clock.

The first example is a Volvo P1800 that has clocked over two million miles. The 1966 P1800 is owned by a New Yorker by the name of Irv Gordon (second image from top). Gordon has owned the car since day one and it has clocked over 2.9 million miles (sometime back in 2011). 2.9 million miles is roughly the equivalent to six round trips to the moon.

I would say that Irv Gordon is a true petrol head. He covered 1,500 miles just two days after taking delivery of the car and by the first decade, he has driven the car over half a million miles. Gordon is very particular with the car’s maintenance and the P1800 receives much care and attention.

In 1998, Gordon’s car made it into the Guinness Book of Records for the highest mileage (at 1.69 million miles) single owner, non-commercial car. Gordon targets that he will reach three million miles pretty soon, probably in a couple of years.

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Next up is a Volvo 240 that recently reached the million mile mark. Selden Cooper has owned the 240 since 1987 (it wasn’t mentioned whether he was the first owner) and recently he brought the car to a local Volvo dealership in Maryland, USA. There, the car was recognised in reaching the million mile mark. Volvo maintains a list of customers’ cars that have reached the million mile barrier.

To reach a million mile in 25 years may sound impossible but Cooper did many road trips around the country with the car. According to Cooper, he is not afraid of doing long trips with the car and he is not worried whether will it breaks down. This is due to his extreme attitude towards the 240’s maintenance.

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