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Special Edition Gulf liveried Morgan

By PetrolHead on 04 Dec 2012

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The Morgan 3 Wheeler is a unique car/motorcycle/tricycle that blends vintage with new-age. The open wheeled (for the front at least) vehicle was originally built to race in the World Endurance Championship backed by an established team at race tracks that hosts multiple racing events from 24 hours of Le Mans to Formula One.

Its funny how I was reading the wikipedia entry and could not find much on its racing heritage.

Anyway, the open cockpit nature provides a better sense of speed and judgement while providing drivers more control of their car. Morgan is often geared towards providing motor enthusiasts cars that are not only powerful but fun to drive as well.

A new 100 piece limited - Morgan 3 Wheeler 'Gulf Edition' will be offered by Morgan that marries Morgan's love for motorsports and the Gulf Oil liveries rich racing success. Like the name suggests, the Morgan 'trike' will be offered in the iconic Gulf racing livery with limited edition badging and embossed leather.

You also get black engine, head lamps, roll hoops, mud guards, exhausts on top of orange rimmed mirrors and wall tyres and steering wheel stitching.

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