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KlearKarbon aims to utilise hydrogen cleaning technology for powertrains

By PetrolHead on 06 Feb 2013

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KlearKarbon is a new start up and it’s the first specialist workshop in Singapore that offers pure hydrogen engine cleaning service – taking an alternate approach to engine overhaul and maintenance.

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KlearKarbon is managed by Ken and Jason, a former marketing executive and racer respectively. On top of having the same last name, Tan, it was their common interests for cars and a bid to save the environment that brought them together.

Clearing carbon from your engine

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An engine overhaul or complete engine flush every 10,000km is usually the only time that carbon can be flushed. Chemicals will be injected to flush the system and some parts may have to be manually cleaned.

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Another method to clear the carbon 'known as the Italian tune-up' which usually involves redlining your vehicle to ensure the resulting heat in the engine melts away the carbon build up. Though it sounds like a load of fun, this eventually damages your engine quicker due to high temperatures – which might not be tolerated by most volume sellers i.e. Toyota Corolla Altis, Kia Cerato Forte – thus resulting to faster wear and tear.

Hydrogen Cleaning

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Hydrogen cleaning is not entirely a new concept but its application on automobiles is unheard of here. Hydrogen has been widely utilised to remove impurities on solid surfaces like archaeology, semiconductor and IT industry. The hydrogen atoms reacts to carbon, silicon and oxygen atoms which breaks down any carbon deposits and turns it into either gas or vapour which is then exited through the exhaust.

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To simply put, the hydrogen cleaning is akin to a dialysis machine for your engine. Yet, unlike dialysis machines which takes in dirty blood, cleans it, and pumps clean blood back into your body, the hydrogen machine pumps in air which contains a small dosage of hydrogen that naturally attaches to and breaks down the carbon particles. It also prevents the internal walls of the cylinder chamber from corroding because of how hydrogen elements react to carbon.

Benefits of hydrogen cleaning

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Klear Karbon’s hydrogen cleaning process does not add performance or extra bhp to your car. What it does - restore performance that was lost due to the carbon build-up within your engine.
This in turn gives you a better fuel mileage, better emissions, quieter engine, and smoother response.

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In short, hydrogen cleaning from KlearKarbon ‘overhauls’ your engine at a fraction of the cost and time in comparison to traditional engine overhaul services. The core technology that breaks down the water molecules and produces the hydrogen is patented in USA and Japan while the entire machine is from Taiwan. The only by-product of this machine - Oxygen.

The restrictions of hydrogen cleaning

The only downside of hydrogen cleaning is – it does not work for Wankel type/Rotary powertrains or hybrid powertrains. During the treatment process, the engine will be idle. On a rotary engine, the combustion chambers will be filled with petrol when the car is driven fewer than 3000rpm or left to idle for extended periods.

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The benefit of a hybrid car is to be environmentally friendly on top of offering a better fuel efficiency than naturally aspirated vehicles. Most hybrids are now fitted with larger batteries that have a decent operating range and work solely on battery power at the low revs – making it pointless for a hydrogen treatment.

On the contrary diesel powered cars are encouraged to utilise hydrogen cleaning as the presence of carbon soot and black smoke is higher than petrol powered cars.

Is it safe?

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KlearKarbon assures that the amount of hydrogen present in the air dispersing from the machine is too minute (much lesser than the theoretical four percent) to cause any explosions. Besides we tried it on one of our company’s vehicles and post treatment it works well, if not better.

Saving Gaia – One car at a time

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Through ‘de-karbonizing’ the engine, KlearKarbon aims to reduce the carbon footprint of Singapore and clean up the environment in the process – one car at a time. KlearKarbon is not your usual workshop which features spilled oil, car jacks, and tools lying around. Instead KlearKarbon has four machines the size of a home theatre system subwoofer on a trolley, some hoses, a small indoor water fountain and a wall mounted television surrounded by comfortable couches.


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It is in our nature to be reluctant to try anything new. But with a personal testimonial from us, and countless others, you can be assured this is as authentic as it could get.

For example Adam who drives a Nissan Teana 2.0L had this to say “How come this hydrogen cleaning also makes the engine quieter and reduces vibrations? After the Hydrogen cleaning service I forgot to turn off the engine (twice) because it was too quiet. Thanks Jason and Ken!”

Hydrogen cleaning costs

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KlearKarbon charges in relevance to the engine capacity and dosage of hydrogen gas. The logic is the bigger the engine the more time and machines are used to optimise cleaning. KlearKarbon can de-tox any engine from a class 2b motorcycle to 6500 cubic centimetres (cc)
The time taken also varies with the displacement and number of machines yet Jason claims the process should take between 30 to 40 minutes max while a really large engine like a V12 Ferrari perhaps might take up to 40 minutes.

Cars that have clocked more than 100,000km in mileage are highly recommended to take a double dosage treatment for maximum clearance of carbon. The treatment takes up to 80 minutes, which might sound lengthy but is still faster than usual engine overhauls which can take days, total disassembly and not to mention a dent in your wallet.

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As a guide, it costs $128, for a car with an engine capacity of below 2,000 cc with the machine run at 30 minutes. For an average sized sedan that is serviced regularly, one dosage of hydrogen air is good to clear most of the carbon in the engine.

Location and Operating Hours

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KlearKarbon currently operates out of its only outlet at;
50, Serangoon North Avenue 4,
#01-08, First Centre, Singapore (555856)

They are operational from 10 am to 6.20pm from Mondays to Saturdays and close at 3.20pm on Sundays. They operate on public holidays on an appointment basis.

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