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A look at Subaruís safety technologies

By FaezClutchless on 21 Feb 2013

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Most of us would know that continental automakers are well known for their safety technologies which are featured on most of their models. Lately, Asian automakers are introducing similar features to their cars and one of them is Subaru.

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Subaru recently introduced its EyeSight technology in a couple of its models and the firm intends to introduce it to every one of its models. Letís take a look at what it is all about.

EyeSight uses a pair of stereo-lithic cameras that are fixed on each side of the rear view mirror. The cameras keep an eye on the road ahead for several safety related functions.

The cameras can see up to 80 metres ahead of the vehicle and have an angle view of 25 degrees. They do not record anything. Instead, they are programmed to recognise vehicles and pedestrians.

When the cameras detect a potential obstruction, a signal is sent to another component of the vehicle which is either the brakes, accelerator or to an instrument gaugeís warning light that was designed to alert the driver to take action. Subaru also mentions that the camera could not function properly if the windscreen is dirty and also in certain weather conditions.

As mentioned above, the cameras keep an eye on the road ahead for several safety related functions and its main components are Adaptive Cruise Control, Lane Departure and Lane Sway Warning, Pre-collision Braking and Pre-collision Throttle Management.

Adaptive Cruise Control

When cruise control is activated, the cameras monitors the lane in order to keep a safe distance between you and the vehicle in front. It works from 1-140km/hr and this is suitable for stop-and-go traffic situations. The system can also bring the car to a complete stop (if necessary) and will alert drivers when traffic starts moving again.

Lane Departure Warning

The cameras track the lane markings to see whether if the vehicle has left its lane. If the driver signals to make a turn, the system switches off temporarily and if the system detects an unintended lane departure, a warning sound and light will alert the driver.

Additionally, this system also features the lane Sway Warning. It alerts the driver if it senses another vehicle wandering into its lane.

Pre-collision Braking

When the system senses an impending collision, it will go through a three step process which will first, alert the driver and then automatically apply the brakes that is strong enough to prevent or at least reduce the collision impact.

The system firsts warns the driver with a loud beep and warning light. If the driver does not immediately react by placing his/her foot on the brake pedal, the system applies moderate braking pressure.

If the driver still does not react at all, the system will apply a strong braking action which can stop the vehicle entirely. The system can only bring the car to a complete stop if it is below 30 km/hr and it is useful for urban traffic conditions.

Pre-collision Throttle Management

If you were to hit into a stopped vehicle or a stationary object, the system will cut the throttle. This feature is useful in situations where the vehicle in front of you suddenly brakes just after it moves off.

The system is also designed to reduce the risks of running over or hitting a kerb if the accelerator is pressed instead of the brakes. Subaru also adds that this feature can be turned off entirely.

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Written by FaezClutchless
Some say that his blood is actually RON98 petrol and some say that his right foot weighs over 20kg. But all that we know about Faez is that he loves to drive and is a JDM enthusiast.

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ER-3682 Feb 21 2013 07:26 PM
These 'systems' already in the lastest Mazda 6,no need to wait for Subaru.
LoverofCar Feb 22 2013 12:15 AM
Copy cat.. Volvo is the first one to introduce it...
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