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Tuned VW Scirocco spotted in China

By RchLuvSlly on 05 Apr 2013

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Are you an owner of a VW Scirocco? Does yours look any cooler than this one? This tuned VW Scirocco has been spotted in China quite recently. But why the VW Scirocco? Well, it's probably because in China, they say that this particular model from the German automaker Volkswagen is often fancied by Chinese young men with tight pants.

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So, while the body of the car retains its originality and so do the rims with the stock white paint, a matte black colour can be seen covering the hood to the roof of the car. In addition to that, there're two orange racing stripes on the sides of the car, giving it a more aggresive look. The orange colour also dominates the side mirrors and surrounds the air intake on the front bumper. Well, it's a good thing that the orange colour doesn't dominate most parts of the car otherwise it may look tacky instead of cool.

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However, what may not really give a good impression are the cheap vinyls on the car sides. They feature a meaningless inscription and a Chinese dragon with smoke coming out of its nose. Typical, eh? The vinyls were said to cost just around 10-30 Yuan or equivalent to around 1.25 to 3.76 Euros.

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Well, what do you think of this tuned VW Scirocco?

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Written by RchLuvSlly
Being a car enthusiast since his childhood, cars always make Richie Setiawan curious and want to find out more about them.

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Try_conti Apr 05 2013 04:25 PM
A bit of repainting and decal is all I see. What tuned .....
Ooosh Apr 05 2013 06:09 PM
Look like lizard....
Perseus76 Apr 05 2013 06:40 PM
since when the chinese knows how to tuned cars?
just a few cheap decals and its called tuned?

pls show the dyno chart.
Jowo Apr 06 2013 06:16 PM
Ya..go understand what the word tune stands for in car mods before post..kuku..
Kspchew Apr 06 2013 09:22 PM
chey, misleading title. was thinking of more bhp or Nm. this type of sticker very cheap one. can get from taobao....
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