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Pink Tesla for Google co-founder

By RchLuvSlly on 17 Apr 2013

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Being the co-founder of the world's biggest search engine definitely has the potential to give you the financial freedom beyond your imagination. This is what happened to Sergey Brin, the co-founder of Google. As a matter of fact, he should even be able to afford a whole country - though probably not a big one - thanks to his net wealth of around $23 billion. This American scientist - who was actually born in the Soviet Union - also co-owns two units of private jets, complete with NASA equipment on them. He co-owns those jets with the Google founder himself, Larry Page.

Yet, what attracts us more this time is Brin's Tesla Model S. Taking into account that Brin is an early investor in the automaker that builds the car and that he also believes strongly in renewable energy, there's no wonder Brin owns the aforementioned car.

However, what we do wonder is why Brin would cover his car in pink - he's not Katie Price. Well, it's not that only Katie may own pink covered cars. You know, she's famous for her pink cars, one of which is her pink Range Rover.

As it turned out, it was Google staffs that converted Brin's Tesla into a Batmobile of some sort. The car has a Batman logo on it in addition to protruding Batman rear wings and some long eyelashes for the headlamps. Google Chrome logo can also be seen on the weird looking set of rims.

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The staffs at Google did that to play an April Fool's Day joke on their boss. Fortunately, Brin took the humour in a good way. In fact, he even took the car for a spin! Well, it seems like Brin is quite a humourous person. But that joke would damage Brin's car, wouldn't it?

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Well, fortunately, the pranksters only used pink vinyl instead of paint to cover the car in pink. With that being said, there is nothing for Brin to worry about as the damage is not permanent and is easy to revert as well. The pranksters also mentioned that they chose Batmobile because they worked at Google's 'X' project division and that they, at Google, often thought of the division as a 'bat cave'. For your information, the Google's 'X' project division is the division in charge of Google's most visionary ideas and products, one example of which is the Google Glass.

What a joke at Google it is!

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