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What is the best car I've driven so far?

By Regan_ong on 09 Aug 2013

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"What is the best car you've driven so far?" I always get asked this question whenever I am engaged in a conversation with my relatives or friends.

Well, as a rookie in the industry, I haven't had the chance to try as many as other seniors have. My age notwithstanding.

But what I can say for sure is that I don't have an absolute answer to the question but if you're interested, here is my two cents' worth.

Firstly, every single car out there has its pros and cons, and in my dictionary, there is only near perfect. Same goes for us humans.

And then it boils down to the personal preference about a car. You may love a Toyota 86 to bits, however, your other half may not like it because of the frequent 'get out to let others in' courtesy.

Last but not least, on this hot and sunny island of ours, every single thing is helluva expensive. No, hold a second. Buying a car here is helluva expensive - if it ain't for the price, I may have gotten a wee bit nearer to having answered the question.

Cars aside, one vehicle that I actually enjoy driving is a Suzuki Every. It is such an honest vehicle; it is just what it is - a van.

Yes, the driveability may be like crap and powering it is only a mere 659cc engine but, seriously, who cares about the performance when all you need is a vehicle that allows you to get from point A to point B in a fuss-free manner?

Heading to IKEA? No problem too, this 'kei' car can haul your furniture as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Best of all, its compact size allows you to access cramped places easily, which is really common on this tiny red dot we call home.

So what's the best car I've driven thus far again?

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Written by Regan_ong
Regan's interest in cars started since the time when 'Hot Wheels' was leading the way. Oh yeah.

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Macrosszero Aug 09 2013 09:06 AM
Just about every car you drive will recalibrate your expectation of what a good car is. And that's fine to learn from. But should we trust that a Toyota Camry is the most comfortable car ever if you've never sampled the ride quality of a Rolls?

You don't care about performance - I do. Not everyone has the buying power of a K-class minivan. But don't go assuming that everyone's like you, in fact you are the minority.

If you rate your van against a Ferrari on the Ikea run, the Ferrari fails miserably. On that note would you say that the van is a better car than the Ferrari? I hope not.

What is MyCarForum doing hiring kids to write reviews an columns? Are they cheaper - because they sure as hell aren't better.
Renegade777 Aug 09 2013 11:52 AM
Nothing. The best is being driven.
Marcostan Aug 09 2013 04:38 PM
Lexus LS460 so far the best I've driven.
Watwheels Aug 09 2013 10:34 PM
The question "What is the best car I've driven so far?" is not suited for you. It's like asking a boy whose puberty just begin "What women have you tasted so far?".
Do not get me wrong. I'm not mocking you but it's a reminder that young rookies in Sgp, nobody will trust you or your driving to let you have a go in their cars. That's why car insurance premiums for young drivers are so high. Unless you have a rich father or rich uncle, you will continue to ask yourself lots of silly question. Just tell people the truth. You are not there yet to answer this question. Nothing to be shameful about.
SGCM_editorial Aug 12 2013 12:32 PM
We're sure Macrosszero has tried Rolls and Ferrari. And we salute him for that. But what is MyCarForum doing entertaining keyboard warriors like him? Can we meet these warriors - because they sure as hell aren't entertaining.
Npsuxman Aug 30 2013 02:58 PM
We may not know who Macrosszero is, but he puts forth a very strong argument. And also, I feel this columnist Regan Ong is not ready to be a automotive journalist, or a journalist for that matter. Go back to school.
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