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Breaking up is the hardest thing to do

By JulesK on 30 Aug 2013

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Being in a relationship with your partner can be a chore when you're "in the mood to be single" and can be an exciting and lovely experience when you want to share your thoughts, ideas and love with someone close and familiar.

But being in love with your car can be a relatively different argument altogether. Like getting yourself involved in social media websites such as Facebook (which is pretty much everyone, I assume?), breaking up can be a tough thing to do. I have about 500 friends on Facebook, of which I consider some 19 of them as "ex-girlfriends".

The necessity to highlight the word ex-girlfriends is simply because they could be make-out buddies, one-night stands, challenged-by-friends flings, and a few ladies I never fully interacted with but flirted so heavily with that they can no longer be categorised as "just friends".

I was once told, a long time ago, that breaking up is one of the easiest things to do. There are so many different ways to do it I hardly even know where to begin. My friends and I have all these exes, be it wagons or women. It's not just because we are more comfortable with blurring sexual boundaries but also because not committing seems like an easier way out to finding something fresh and new.

It was supposed to be the same with cars, when COE was hovering at a much lower price. But considering how much more money you'll have to invest to get into a new relationship with another car, you're better off not having another ex. Of course that's also considering you're not some rich kid on the block.

I was also once told, a long time ago, that COE prices were going to drop in a couple of years. It seems like everyone knows a thing or two about the COE system, just like how every guy seems to know a thing or two about women. How true that's going to stand is beyond me, and if you're honest enough, it'll be beyond you too.

Till then, we'll all have to move on. Sort of.

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Written by Julesk
Although Julian is satisfied driving an Austin Mini now, he hopes to own a Ford Mustang some day. Problem is he has to make it big from ToTo first.

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Fastfive1 Aug 31 2013 01:16 PM
So this is similar to how rental cars are like prostitutes? Both being worn out and short term use?
SGCM_editorial Sep 02 2013 10:16 AM
We like how you talk dirty, Fastfive1. But we didn't really see it that way.
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