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Man sells his left testicle to buy a Nissan 370Z

By Deeq on 28 Nov 2013

Attached Image Mark Parisi is a man. Like many men, Mark Parisi has two testicles. Like fewer men, Mark Parisi has decided he does not need two testicles, and would prefer instead to have one testicle and one Nissan 370Z.

Which is why (according to the clip) Mark Parisi is to donate one of his testicles to medical research in exchange for 35,000 US dollars. Which is around S$44,000.

Mark Parisi made this revelation on American station CBS’s show The Doctors.

Mark Parisi’s revelation raises a number of ethical and moral dilemmas. What is the value of a testicle? A Nissan 370Z? Will both get you a GT-R??

According to sources, US$35K is the going rate for one slightly used testicle, so if you get nothing else from this story, gentlemen, when times are bad, at least you know that you have about S$88k swinging between your legs(Which, where we are, is actually not even enough for a Nissan March at the moment).

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Written by Deeq
With intense love for cars and bikes since little, and passion for photography, Siddiq tries hard to bring cars to life on the screen, proving his worth as well as his passion for the job.

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missmarigold Nov 28 2013 05:21 PM

When i read the title, i think this man is totally nuts! But giving out your testicles for research its still... 

Pandapura Nov 28 2013 08:21 PM

Ermmm, if this mister Mark Parisi is a Singaporean, he will find that after selling BOTH his testicles (albeit for research) and getting $88K, he will only be able to buy....drum roll....piece of COE?

Turboflat4 Nov 28 2013 09:07 PM

MissMarigold: No, he's not *totally* nuts, at least not any more. :D

calbin7077 Nov 29 2013 09:22 AM

S$44,000 for one left testicle....not even enough to pay for COE sia.....(=.=)
sell both for still needa top up more than 10k for a small car like...(
Chery Fulwin 2 Sedan or Nissan March....)  lols...

tanbk Nov 29 2013 09:48 AM

"US$35K is the going rate for one slightly used testicle".


This statement raises many questions in my mind.
- What is considered a new testicle?

- How much is a new testicle worth?
- Who is determining the price?

2cents Nov 29 2013 03:13 PM

So... what does he intend to get with his right?

Subutai Nov 29 2013 05:12 PM

Hmmm... might as well sell both to balance out the weight.

kimchisoup88 Nov 29 2013 05:51 PM

read a news man selling his organ to buy designer bag for his gf.. now another HIT news to know another man selling his testicles to buy a car!!??!!!


What's wrong with this world....

Faiming_low Nov 29 2013 06:34 PM

He probably wants the 370z bad enough! I would get a Evo X or Scion FR-S if it were me. Not that I would want to exchange my something that important for a car.

marcusdwyer Nov 29 2013 08:23 PM

I bet this has nothing to do with th researdh. Reseach was just an excuse, the guys just wanted to get Nissan, and that's it.

Adrianlim13 Nov 29 2013 11:12 PM

lucky in us , still can buy a brand new car...if in singapore.... really bang balls. haha what can u get for 35k ?

Akram_saheed Dec 03 2013 05:15 PM

Wasn't there a teenager from China who sold his kidney for an iPad?

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