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World Premiere of All-New Subaru “WRX STI” at 2014 NAIAS

By Deeq on 20 Jan 2014

Attached Image Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd. (FHI), the maker of Subaru automobiles, has just unveiled the all-new WRX STI (US specifications) at the 2014 North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) currently being held in Detroit, Michigan.

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As the top grade model of the WRX series, the new WRX STI embodies at an even higher level the shared product series concept: “Pure Power in Your Control”.

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Starting with the base WRX model, Subaru has equipped the WRX STI with the powerful, motorsport-proven 2.5-liter Horizontally-Opposed turbo engine, an exclusively-tuned suspension for enhanced rigidity, multi-mode DCCD (Driver’s Control Center Differential) and more.

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During development, Subaru honed the driveability of the new WRX STI to perfection, testing it under various driving conditions in several countries. As with past generations of the WRX STI, testing included ultra-high speed road testing on Germany's Nürburgring circuit, known for its harsh road conditions. Through this process, Subaru has raised performance for the body, chassis and other vehicle areas to the limit and fused them into one.
This has elevated overall vehicle performance, resulting in the pinnacle of Subaru AWD sport performance with predictable high power at the driver's fingertips.

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Written by Deeq
With intense love for cars and bikes since little, and passion for photography, Siddiq tries hard to bring cars to life on the screen, proving his worth as well as his passion for the job.

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Carmour Jan 21 2014 10:08 AM

Does not look like the typical Impreza of old.


Front reminds me of the Volvo S60.



Macrosszero Jan 21 2014 11:53 AM

And the rear quarter reminds me of a zhng-ed out GM-model Honda City.

Carmour Jan 21 2014 07:03 PM

Yupz. Few steps backward for Subaru.

They used to do well for both design and power.


Cabin materials and insulation sucks though. i wonder if they have improved in this aspect.

LiuDeHua Jan 21 2014 09:31 PM

First look, I thought is a Evo10.

Fett Jan 22 2014 02:53 PM

Look so mainstream...

MiniDriVER Jan 28 2014 09:26 AM

and i thought it was just another everyday kinda car.. well, it looks like one, no doubt about it.

Renegade777 Mar 15 2014 11:46 AM

Does not look like the typical Impreza of old.


Front reminds me of the Volvo S60.



Only the colour.

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