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Boosted: Playtune Performance's Evo 9 GSR

By Faiming_low on 06 Mar 2014

Attached Image Like most Singaporeans, I love sedans more than other body styles. Yes. I know most of the younger generation like hatches now, so yup, you can call me old. Oh well.
Attached Image We all know Evos, which is also called the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution in full, are fast and effective as a weapon for the road. No doubt assisted by its complex all-wheel drive drivetrain and turbocharged 2.0-litre engine.
Attached Image Recently, a good friend of mine told me he knew of a nicely done up Evo 9, so with me loving Evos, I paid a visit to Playtune Performance's Evo 9 GSR... 

Attached Image Bronze Volk Racing RE-30 rims sitting nicely flushed with the body while Toyo R888s tires make sure the car holds onto its cornering lines well on the track.

Attached Image Project MU rotors and Biltz MR-VS brake pads provide the necessary braking power. 
Attached Image Varis carbon lip enhances the car's look while also providing some additonal downforce for the front.
Attached Image Tougher looking Apexi N1 exhaust system makes sure back pressure is reduced.
Attached Image Moving inside, it is clear the owner only means business. Everything additional was there for a reason. A full carbon print interior impressed me! Overall, a nice and neat cabin.

Attached Image Surprisingly, the steering remained stock. I was expecting some Nardi or OMP. 
Attached Image GReddy Profec boost controller made sure boost stayed at 1.4bar during this shoot. We hear it can go up to 2.0bar for maximum attack. Yummy.
Attached Image Defi BF gauges provide the necessary info when driving hard.
Attached Image Another look at the Carbon print on the dash. 
Attached Image Air fuel ratio another useful number to keep an eye out for.

Attached Image Car gets going very fast once needle passes 4,000rpm.

Attached Image Now the interesting part...Headline figures are 528bhp and 672Nm of torque. All thanks to a 2.3-litre stroker kit plus other parts from Tomei. Walbro 255L fuel pump, SARD fuel regulator plus RC 850cc injectors provide the correct amount of fuel for the engine. Cosworth inlet and exhaust valves plus stage 3 high cam shafts feature also. Of course, the engine block has also been bored and its cylinder head skimmed, ported and polished to squeeze more out from the engine.
Attached Image Garrett GT 3071R here looking impressive! 
Attached Image Koyorad intercooler for this Evo9.
Attached Image
Attached Image

Attached Image Battery has been shifted to the back to make sure weight distribution is more equal. Love the attention to detail.
Attached Image Surprised to see a 12-litre STi water tank here in the boot which is used to cool the intercooler. 
Attached Image This is probably the only major standard part that has not been changed but of course owner plans to get this rectified with a better coilover system and lower arms for leisure track work. 
Attached Image Much thought and effort has been put into improving his car and with the help of Playtune Performance, this Evo has turned into one well-balanced street ride. 

Attached Image For more info on Playtune Performance, check out their Facebook page.


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Written by Faiming_low
Since young, Fai Ming has always centered his life around cars. In fact his first word was 'car' and not 'mum' or 'dad'. Aren't kids cute?

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ER-3682 Mar 06 2014 07:25 PM

Car with so much modification,should not put on a public forum blog,may easily got into trouble...

Bonafidestack Mar 06 2014 07:45 PM

Car with so much modification,should not put on a public forum blog,may easily got into trouble...

The writer got cover car plate lah. got put in effort. But the workshop address is there. hehe. 

ER-3682 Mar 07 2014 07:26 AM

But putting a "upsize" engine,is very bad,now LTA will start looking for this blue Evo,once caught,very good,can collect alot of fines from him...

bellboy Mar 07 2014 09:13 AM

Wow... car looks tame from the outside, but a monster is hiding under the bonnet.


Surprised the suspension are stock. Car won't be able to be pushed to its full potential. 


Hot Stuff used to have alot of these modified cars mah. Don't think LTA want to catch. 

ManHong Mar 07 2014 02:30 PM

first thought about "Tomei" is a jewellery shop in ma mind.. anyway, beautiful beast. i wonder sitting in it can cure my backpain issue or not..

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