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You are looking at the fastest 0-100km/h EV in the world

By Faiming_low on 07 Nov 2014 in Hybrid/electric cars

Attached Image Nicknamed 'the Grimsel', this cute little vehicle built by students at AMZ Racing, is the new world's fastest 0-100km/h Electric Vehicle (EV). Built by students from the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences, it is designed to be raced in the International Formula Student championship.
Attached Image Considering they are just student (no doubt very bright ones), we feel they did a pretty impressive job to be able to get their car into the record books with a 0-100km/h timing of just 1.785 seconds. In case you are wondering, the previous record stood at 2.134 seconds.
Attached Image So how did they managed to achieve such an awesome timing? For a start, each wheel has its own motor which outputs 49bhp. Which also means these AMZ-made motors effectively makes the Grimsel an all-wheel drive car. With traction control and torque vectoring software thrown into the mix, you can be sure it will have no traction issues when the full 1630Nm of torque is deployed. Oh, weighing just 168kg helps too!
While it a top speed of 120km/h is nothing to shout about, the other interesting fact about the Grimsel is it technically has the ability to drive on the ceiling at 110km/h because its aerodynamics package can produce that much downforce.
Watch the Grimsel record its record-breaking run below.


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Written by Faiming_low
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Turboflat4 Nov 07 2014 08:52 AM

Technically, "quicker" (rather than "faster") is the preferred adverb when referring to century sprint timings. "Faster" is generally used to refer to higher speeds, such as top speed achievable.


Also, while this is the quickest accelerating EV, it is certainly not the quickest accelerating car. Not even when you're limiting yourself to "road legal" cars, for example, see: . That's about an old car, and is old news, frankly. 60mph is not exactly the same as 100km/h, but even if you take that into consideration, the car in the video will still be quicker than the EV featured here.


Of course, if streetability is not a consideration, there are plenty of top fuel dragsters and "funny cars" that can go much faster - the 1 second barrier has been broken for a long time. Not even F1 cars can do it sub-1s because of traction limitations, but then F1 cars are designed to do other things very, very well.


As far as I am aware, this EV is certainly quicker than any road-legal gasoline-powered car, but then it's not really road-legal, is it?


Still, a good news article, so thanks for posting.

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